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GameOctane’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards!

by on January 2, 2018

GameOctane’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards!

We’ve done it. 2017 is over and it’s been one hell of a year for gaming. There’s been many highs and many lows this year, with many being discussed during our podcasts. We beyond appreciate everyone’ support throughout 2017 and hope to dominate 2018! So without further ado welcome to GameOctane’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards!


Best Multiplayer:

Playerunknown Battlegrounds, a.k.a PUBG. A game that took the world by storm and created an intense 1 vs everyone scenario. The idea is simple, you parachute into an island and need to scavenge to stay alive and kill everyone else trying to kill you. But it isn’t that easy, you have no armor or weapons and have to search frantically as soon as you touch the ground…and to add to the craziness, the play area shrinks by forcing players to a very tiny area to have a final showdown at the end of the map. Hell, even the more skilled players can’t guarantee they will be alive at the end of the round. PUBG also beat out DOTA 2 for most concurrent players on Steam.





Best RPG:

NieR: Automata. While more of an Action RPG title, NieR: Automata became an instant fan favorite. Amazing graphics, engrossing story, and great characters made this a title to own for RPG fans. Many fans even calling this their favorite game of all time, says a lot about NieR: Automata. The story of androids 2B, 9S, and A2 was able to take the award of Best RPG!







Best Action:

Cuphead was a game that surprised everyone. It finally came out?? Is it really that damn good? Yes, a game that lived up to the hype for once. This frantic action-shooter-platformer that looks like Steamboat Willie’s nightmare grabbed the GameOctane award for Best Action!







Best Story Driven Game:

Last Day of June – a game that stole our hearts and our tears. LDoJ is an interactive story focusing around Carl and trying to save the day and June, the love of his life. I do not want too explain much so I can avoid spoilers, but the tagline helps put the focus on what choices you may come across. “What would you do to save the one you love.”







Best Indie:

Last Day of June takes another award, this time for ‘Best Indie’. There were some amazing indie titles in 2017 and this vote had to go to a tie-breaker vote. There really wasn’t another game in 2017 that touched you emotionally like this one did.







Best Visuals:

If you’re following these in order, remember when I said this game looks like Steamboat Willie’s nightmare? Well, I’m still not denying that, but this game is gorgeous. The smooth, hand-drawn animation and beautiful characters in Cuphead snag our ‘Best Visuals’ award!







Best Shooter:

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus…What an amazing, fun shooter. Based in an alternate WWII timeline where Nazis still rule the world, you play as BJ Blazkowicz, a member of the resistance. This game delivers on not only an awesome story but the gameplay and visuals are quite bad ass in themselves! If you haven’t touched this revived series…you need to do so.







Best HD Remake:

This normally wouldn’t have been a category to think about. But in today’s gaming classics keep making a comeback in a big way. One character did so in amazing fashion. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy dominated the markets for some time. Loading all three Crash games into one disc and making them look and run better, allowed us to relive some of our ‘glory’ days of our youth. And to that, I say thank you.







Best Nintendo Game:

Nintendo had some of the most anticipated games of 2017. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch and was able to be purchased for the Wii U. It placed Link in an open world but changed the way we played Zelda. No longer linear, and added features such as weapon durability, armor, and cooking really set this game apart from the other Nintendo games.







Best Xbox Game:

The Xbox had some decent games this year and of course, we have this game. The game that has already won two GameOctane Game of the Year awards. Cuphead. This game is loads of fun and if you can’t tell from the earlier awards, we love this game. Any Xbox owner should have this title in their library, but please maybe try some yoga, the difficulty could create spontaneous cuss words to fly.






Best Playstation Game:

Sony had some great games come out this year. They really hit hard with some exclusives. One of them being our winner, Horizon Zero Dawn. An action RPG, where you play as Aloy, a hunter living in a world overran by machines. This game has some amazing voice-overs and amazing visuals, the machines themselves are awe-striking. Playstation fans won’t go wrong picking this game up!







Best Hardware:

2017 was dominated by the love of a single hardware, the Nintendo Switch. Many Nintendo fans were rightfully concerned about the WiiU failing to provide the pull and love the Wii had. Nintendo has righted itself in the eyes of fans. The Nintendo Switch is revolutionary, being both a handheld and home console, it allows you to play your favorite games on the road and not have to ‘suffer’ the limiting functionality of being portable. With games such as Zelda and Mario already launched within the rookie year of the Switch, life looks good for the Nintendo Switch and their early adopters.






Best WTF Moment:

Through-out 2017 there were many ‘WTF’ moments. But there was one that really stuck out. EA basically destroying Star Wars. By trying to deploy a silly progression system and load up the Loot Crates. Meaning to unlock characters you’d either have to play hours and hours of gameplay or buy loot crates and pay your way to victory. Battlefront 2 was not received well, even after the fact EA ‘halted’ the loot crates and progression system. The ideas behind the progression system and loot crates made many gamers boycott EA altogether. Though the game wasn’t a bad game, sales were low and probably stopped sequels from being made…at least by EA maybe. It truly was a WTF Moment in 2017.






2017 was an amazing year for gaming, with 2018 looking to match the epicness of gaming. One title stood out, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. BotW is damn impressive. Running around as Link in an open world is inspiring. There are things to see and find everywhere on the map, and the map is DAMN huge. New skills, weapon durability, armor, and gathering and cooking really set the game apart from any earlier Zelda game and any game in 2017.






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