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GameOctane Steam Controller Unboxing video with first impressions

by on October 18, 2015

You can listen to most of my first impressions by watching the video. Here are some I had after plugging it in and messing with Steam’s Big Picture.

Once I plugged in the USB adapter it installed fairly easily. Once I opened the Big Picture it immediately prompted for a firmware update. It was quick and easy, but didn’t have a status bar. So I really wasn’t sure if it was actually working. The Steam logo on the controller was flashing though.

The right touchpad actually allowed you to move the mouse around, if the cursor was on screen. If you moved the stick to make a selection I had to bump my mouse to get the cursor back up.

The touchpads and stick had feedback. Meaning there was a little motor that let you know you were actually moving something and it registered. It wasn’t obnoxious, it felt…good. When I was moving the mouse around it took a couple of swipes to move it across the screen. With the vibration and movement of my thumb it felt like I was using a really large trackball. It did have great response as the faster I swiped the further the cursor went, if I went slow the cursor was much more precise.

In the settings I did find a “diagnostic” tool where it allows you to see if the buttons were working. It was cool seeing everything light up on the picture of the controller on the screen. I did notice there was major detail in the two “shooter” sticks (where in console one is to aim and the other to shoot). They are pressure sensitive, so the slower I pulled the trigger the numbers went up gradually.

All in all, first impressions are great for the controller. Cant wait to test it out later. I will stream me using it hopefully very soon!!

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