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GameOctane Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

by on December 19, 2016

Hey procrastinators!  Yeah, I’m talking to you!  I know you still need to get some gifts for your favorite gamer in your life.  Christmas is 6 days away, so time is running out!  Luckily, there are a lot of great gifts for any gamer in your life.  Here is a list of some of our favorite things that would make a wonderful and joyous Christmas for any gamer you know –

NES Classic

I wasn’t sure if I should add this to the list, but it is arguably the hottest game item this holiday season.  Would it be this popular if Nintendo actually made enough units to sell?  Who knows.  However, the value is hard to beat.  30 fantastic NES games encased in an awesome miniature version of the NES.  This is not meant to be a serious gaming console; it is designed to bring some nostalgia and fun.


We love Overcooked!  Overcooked is one of the best coach co-op games that I have ever played.  The level designs are challenging and fun.  If you need a game to play with your family this holiday season, then pick it up!

Nintendo 3DS/2DS

There have been some fantastic games that came out on the DS this year, including Pokemon Sun/Moon, Mario Party Star Rush, and Disney Magical Kingdom 2.  There is a huge DS library of games, so you will no doubt find a game that will fit your interests.  If you are looking for something to play besides mobile games, then get a DS!

Mafia III

Mafia III provides an intense look at loyalty and betrayal, all set in a tumultuous time period of our history.  The characters and setting are phenomenal and hours upon hours of gameplay.  The content is not suitable for kids, but it is worth picking up and playing!


There are a ton of great bundles for Playstation and Xbox One.  There are bundles with games included and consoles with a variety of fun colors.  At roughly $250, PS4 and Xbox One have become very affordable.


I find that headsets and controllers are great gifts if you are unsure about the type of game to buy for someone.  Controllers come in all different colors and styles, so you can find something that fits the unique personality of the gamer in your life.  The Elite controller from Xbox provides a ton of customization options for any hardcore gamer.  Headsets that are included with consoles are pretty weak.  TurtleBeach and Astro headsets provided a much improved sound quality for all games.


Arguably one of the best shooters to come out this year, Overwatch is all about teamwork.  A team of both offense and defense characters is key to winning in Overwatch.  The gameplay is addictive with countless close calls and victories.  It was one of our favorite games of the year!

PrePaid Game Cards

If you are on a budget, then a store card for Xbox, Playstation, or Steam will be the best option.  Your gamer will have no problem finding something in the online store to buy.

Do you have any suggestions for our list?  Let us know in the comments!!

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