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Gamedec Review

by on February 14, 2022
Release Date

September 16, 2021


Anshar Studios


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Gamedec by Anshar Studios Is a top-down cyberpunk point and click rpg. The game is based on a collection of short stories by Polish Science-fiction author Marcin Przybylek. You begin the game by choosing your Gamedec appearance which starts you out with the basic set of stats. A Gamedec is a Private Eye specializing in the world of cybercrime. Customize your character to fit your playstyle. play as a celebrity, heavy hitter, or top-of-the-line hacker.



You can travel to different types of areas within the game using your couch to delve into cyberspace. The graphics and art style vibe well with the cyberpunk aesthetic. In the futuristic City of Warsaw aka Relium or you can dive into the cyberworld. The different styles of each virtual area add to the immersion. You dive into a game within a game when you visit the western themes of Harvest Time to the ancient Samurai setting of Knights Code.



The deduction system allows you to solve crimes that are committed in the real world or in cyberspace. Use your unique set of skills to gather as much info as you want. You can use charm to persuade someone into giving you information or use a brute force intimidation approach. The style you use and the choices you have at your disposal that show in a branching tree system allows you to pick which path you want to go down and all the decisions are permanent. So depending on how thorough you are will determine if the person gets away with it.



Replayability is a major plus to this experience from which character you decide to start with to how you evolve your player abilities and how well you can solve the crimes this game will supply a lot of hours for your enjoyment. You can get overwhelmed at times and get lost when looking for specific things because of a lack of a map and movement can be a little wonky when turning a corner your Gamedec might get caught on it. Gamedec is out now for PC and is also coming to Switch later this year.

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for review is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+ Replayability
+ Immersive Story


- A Lack of Map
- Controls are a little clunky at times

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Bottom Line

Gamedec is an interesting addition to the point-and-click genre with an immersive story and good replayability but the lack of map and sticky controls can be frustrating.

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