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FutureGrind Review (Nintendo Switch)

by on January 22, 2019
Release Date

January 22, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)


Milkbag Games


One of the best aspects of the Nintendo Switch is the 3rd party support.  There are so many genre options on the Nintendo Switch and plenty of fun options.  If you are a fan of platformers, then FutureGrind needs to be on your radar.  It’s one of those games that is simple to play but hard to master.

FutureGrind’s story has deep sci-fi roots and depicts a sport where riders are recruited to test out bikes and tracks.  At first glance, the story can be easy to forget, especially if you hurry to get to the levels instead of reading the emails/texts from story characters.  As you play, a character mentions that all is not what it seems, and you can’t trust the big corporations that are trying to use you.  The development team could have easily done away with the story, but I’m glad there is something that pushes you to keep going.

The big draw to FutureGrind is the addictive gameplay.  It looks simple at first.  Your job is to survive each track by grinding various rails.  You can spin and move your bike to rack up points as you play.  There are multiple rails to grind, and your bike allows you to do fun maneuvers like hanging grinds.  But things don’t stay the same for long.  The levels and difficulty increase greatly as soon as you unlock different types of bikes.

The real meat of the game comes with color coordinating the wheels and the rails.  In order to progress, you need to match the wheel color to the correct rail color.  Blue can only touch blue, pink can touch pink, etc.  If you touch the wrong color, then you bike instantly explodes and you need to restart the level.  Some rails are white, which is the neutral color.  But if you hit the white rails, then your multiplier gets erased and you lose out on points.  But as I progressed, my mind stopped thinking about the number of points I can get.  Instead, I focused on surviving the level and spinning my bike like crazy in order to get to the end.

The gameplay works really well because of the controls.  They are simple and the bikes are very responsive.  Your bike can double jump, which is very helpful in dodgy situations.  The objectives can add a great deal of difficulty to the levels.  Yes, some of the objectives can be repetitive, which is unfortunate.  But the level design keeps you on your toes and forces you to really think about which grind to do and where you need to grind.  It’s an absolute blast playing through the levels.  And there are a ton of levels to keep you occupied for many hours.

FutureGrind looks and sounds fantastic.  The visuals are colorful, but the soundtrack is where it stands out.  I found myself bobbing my head to the music on multiple occasions.  Sometimes, music can become really annoying if you are stuck on a level for long periods of time.  But in this case, the music fit the tone of the game and is really enjoyable.

It is so easy to lose track of time while playing FutureGrind.  And I think that is one of the best compliments I can give to the game.  It’s simple, but so much fun to play.  The objectives can be repetitive, but the level design and bikes make up for it.  It’s the right amount of challenge.  And with the assist mode, all ability types can try it and enjoy it.  FutureGrind is definitely worth the $19.99 price tag.

Note: GameOctane editor Ryan Welch received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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Fun, yet challenging gameplay
Clever wheel color/rail mechanic
Lots of levels
Rocking soundtrack


No multiplayer
Objectives can be repetitive

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Bottom Line

FutureGrind is simple to play, but hard to master. It takes a certain amount of strategy to stop your tricks and nail the correct color wheel to the rail. Overall, it's very fun to play and the booming soundtrack makes for a very enjoyable experience.

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