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Funcom Shows Off Duck’s Friend Farrow in New Mutant Year Zero Trailer

by on November 29, 2018

Funcom Shows Off Duck’s Friend Farrow in New Mutant Year Zero Trailer

If you’ve been following along, you’d know already how hyped I am for this game. It looks gorgeous and the atmosphere engrossing. With us being so close to launch, this is a fairly big announcement introducing a new character. Hell, I am in no way complaining, but December 4th can’t come soon enough! We hope to provide more content on Mutant Year Zero in the upcoming week!

Remember the duck from the original Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden announcement trailer? Today, publisher Funcom and developer The Bearded Ladies revealed a new anthropomorphic hero that will be joining him when the game finally launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next week, on December 4th. To introduce the new fur-clad mutant, Funcom has released a fresh, new trailer combining newly created cinematic footage with up-to-date gameplay. 

Farrow is one of the recruitable characters you will encounter during your expeditions in The Zone. When you find her, you may notice that she is not quite from around here. Her true origins are a mystery – even to her. All she knows is her name is Farrow and she is a product of the Zone. Specializing in stealth and assassination, Farrow comes equipped with skills and gear that make her adept at quickly and quietly dispatching her foes. Her signature ability, Silent Assassin, makes her particularly valuable for initiating combat out of stealth, such as when picking off stragglers.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden combines XCOM-like turn-based combat with real-time stealth and exploration of a post-human earth. The game is developed by a team made up of former HITMAN and PAYDAY lead developers at The Bearded Ladies in Sweden. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden have been collecting both awards and praise from the press who have gotten hands-on time with the gameBased on the Swedish pen and paper RPG Mutant, the game puts you in the hooves of Bormin the boar and the webbed feet of Dux the duck as they explore a post-human Earth.

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