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Flash Back Friday: The Legend of Zelda

by on January 13, 2017

Just seeing this screen instantly calls to my brain one of the best MIDI based video game scores ever.  The adventure that started it all, introducing us to probably the second (or third if you count Luigi) most iconic video game heroes of all time. His instantly recognizable green tunic and pointed ears let us know we will be fighting the forces of evil. That hero is Link, and as the legend has continued we have learned much about him and what ends up being others all taking upon themselves the mantle of Hyrule’s Hero thought the annals of time. As I write this, I’m realizing that most if not all of the readers for this article will have known this information already.  What’s fantastic about this particular article is that it is being written on the heels of a major reveal for the Legend of Zelda Series. The next installment in this beloved franchise is releasing in a mere 49 days on the brand new Nintendo Switch, and last night premiered one of the most fantastic game trailers ever.  If you haven’t seen it yet here’s a link to the video.

I digress back to the topic at hand, The Legend of Zelda debuted in 1986 only a year after the Nintendo Entertainment System arrived in North American homes.  As a matter of fact, the game will turn 31 on February 21st and sold 6.5 million copies over the span of the game’s life on the NES. I’m sure the number is much high now that it’s available for digital download on Nintendo’s Virtual Console that number s definitely much higher than that. The influence that has resulted from this adventure game is incredibly far reaching. It would be safe to say that most if not all game developers grew up playing this game.

What made this game so special is the amount of innovation contained within it. This 1986 title was the first open world game, it has role playing elements and character progression, useful items are gathered that are essential for moving forward in the story, it plays out perfectly and the game allows for mistakes and exploration with road blocks and obstacles which make the game difficult. The game also doesn’t hold you hand through the process either guiding you step by step, or pestering you with clues an hints (Hey!, Listen.)

Now to the nostalgia…… because thats what Flashback Fridays are about.

I remember playing this as a kid and being fascinated with the adventure and its difficulty. By the time I hit temple 5 or 6 and was running into blue knights I needed to be carrying two bottles of full potions at all times, but advancement was still possible in the game. regardless. The one part I always needed help with was Gannon’s temple at the end of the game. It had all sorts of crazy secret passages and connections that took you all over the map. I would always get confused at that part. Anyway lets circle back to where this whole thing began….. The Legend of Zelda’s soundtrack and score. What a fantastic contribution brought forward by this game. This is hands down the most recognizable scores and themes from gaming, I would argue that the melodies from this title are the greatest in gaming. Not many other games get symphonic treatments which tour the world.

Share with us you favorite Legend of Zelda memory, What do you guys think about the new installment into this franchise? comment down below.

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