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Flash Back Friday: Mad Dog McCree

by on February 3, 2017

Howdy Stranger! We need your help, Mad Dog McCree’s gang has taken over the town…. he’s been runnin’ a muck and taken the Mayor’s Daughter hostage, can ya help?….. Goood…… The Sheriff has been overrun and is locked up in the jail, you should go git em.

This crazy old codger is the Prospector he is the guide for your crazy adventure through Mad Dog McCree, and boy is his acting borderline atrocious. Follow me as I travel down memory lane with my white 10 gallon hat and take out them pesky varnmits who have taken over this quite and lovely town….. I do warn you now that quotes from the Waco Kid or Sheriff Bart may cross our paths while we’re on this silly little journey.

Well Taggart, I was telling these nice people about Mad Dog McCree.

In the early 90’s, arcade games were the top of the video game world, and would put on demonstrations of some of technologies newest innovations. Each of us had access to these high tech machines for a few quarters. These technologies included projected hologram games (Time Traveler 3D), and games with live-action captured footage, Mad Dog McCree was one of these games with the additional use of a light gun.

Imagine Duck Hunt in the wild west, but instead a snarky dog that laughs at you when you suck out loud you get a wild eyed prospector and an annoying Dr./Undertaker. Each of them giving you advice and warnings through perfectly campy and stereotypical western fashion. These two characters are the ones who are on screen the most especially if you cant figure out how to load your weapon, or you’re not a very good shot, and all the other actors follow suit. Here’s a taste.

While you might be thinking about how horrible I thought this game was, that is absolutely not the case. This was hands down one of my favorite PC games growing up. Even then, I knew the graphics didn’t quite translate from the arcade version to the home PC on CD but the spirit of the game was captured quite well.  The shootouts in the saloon, stoping mad dog’s gang from robbing the bank, and shooting out the burning fuse on a stick of dynamite all fulfilled the little scenarios I had played out in my imagination along with my neighborhood buddies. It was great! Looking back is when it becomes silly. Which makes it all the more special and awesome. Regardless of how realistic games become these days they’ll never be quite like these live action interactive videos.

In essence it could be argued that this 1990 title could be one of the first FPS games, starting off a trend that we won’t necessarily see an end to anytime soon (if ever). <— Yeah I know that’s a ridiculous argument but  Mad  Dog McCree belongs in the gaming hall of fame. So, we must start a movement or a petition or something immediately! immediately! immediately! Harumph! Harumph! Harumph!

If you haven’t ever had a chance to play this, its worth a shot to try out. It couldn’t cost more to pick up than it would to get Hedley Lemar’s rustling gang through The Gov. William J. Le Petomane Throughway. Enjoy your play through I’m going to go watch Blazzing Saddles now.

What silly 90’s arcade games you remember. Any other interactive video games? or what kind of things would you like to see in future Flash Back Friday’s? Let us know in the comment section below!

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