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Flash Back Friday: Gun * Nac

by on February 17, 2017

In 1990 there was a huge collection of really great games for a variety of systems. The NES was in its heyday having a good solid 5 years of major success in the North American market. This super hot and open market leads towards some crazy obscure titles, games, stories and themes. Gun Nac was one of those games. The game play for Gun-Nac is a typical shmup (shoot’em up, like 1942 or Galaga) but the setting for the game is totally off the wall, and the wall to which I’m referring is at least a city block away.

The premise for the game’s story some unknown invasion force has appeared in the system and it has made all the plants, animals, and products begin to attack the people within the system. Gun-Nac a space cop has been asked to explore the seven planets within the system and discover whats going on and stop it if you can.  

And while the premise sounds weird the execution and the visuals get event weirder.  It’s not very often when giant carrots come down from the top of the screen and shoot mini carrot missiles at your fighter, or when small bunnies stand on their hind legs spin a carrot like a bo staff and then throw it at you. This is only the first level……








Despite the weird, the game play for this title is fantastic. There are 5 main weapon types ranging from standard projectiles, homing boomerangs, and flame throwers. Weapons can be changed through collecting numbered circles and upgraded through collecting multiples of the same number, The players special bombs can also be upgraded and changed by collecting the lettered squares in the same fashion as the primary weapons. As these power ups and weapons fly across the screen it can be a challenge to maintain your favorite weapon as you’re dodging enemy fire.

Anyway it’s a great game overall and it’s oddities make it fun and very unique. If you ever get a chance to play Gun*Nac go for it. The game is incredibly entertaining you never know what’s coming next and that’s half the fun!

What are your favorite shmups? Let us know in the comments below.

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