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First Impressions: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by on June 13, 2019


Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a game long in the making that fans have been begging for. This year at E3, lucky fans like myself had the privilege to play the demo. It takes place in the early part of the game where you are tasked with planting a bomb in a Mako reactor. Now newcomers may not know what that means. With that being said, this is a remake of the original Final Fantasy 7.

I would highly recommend playing through that one again just to get ready for the new one. Especially since they re-released it on all major consoles. Final Fantasy 7 is probably one of the most popular games of all-time so this remake has a lot to live up to.

Now I will say that I was a little bit hesitant to play the new game since they changed the combat from turn-based to a more real-time battle system. The combat takes some getting used to, but I once you get a feel for it it’ll become 2nd nature to you. You will have to time your attacks and block. With this new system you can’t just run and gun. You will have to build up your action points as to be able to use skills, magic, items, etc during combat. This may feel like a lot, but speaking from experience it’s smooth after you get a grasp on it.

For example here is an idea of the combat: As Cloud, you can slash, evade, and block. With every attack, you’ll build up your ATB gauge, and every time you fill up an ATB bar (to a maximum of two in the demo), you can use it for a spell, ability, or item. The same worked for Barrett who obviously would play a little different. Whereas Cloud is more close combat, Barrett will be more long range. Players will have to switch back and forth between party members to better fight enemies.


I will say that they definitely upped the visuals for the game. Any fans of the series that have to watch the Advent Children movie will appreciate the art style. I mean it makes sense since we have been waiting how many years for this remake to happen?

The best way to describe the Final Fantasy VII remake is “fine-tuned.” It’s like the OG version of Final Fantasy VII was the sand and this is the perfect diamond. Within the original game hear few dialogue exchanges that were meant to broadly convey feelings— Barret trying to convince Cloud that the environment is worth saving, or Tifa trying to knock some sense into Cloud—here there are fleshed-out conversations, genuine personality, and dialogue with a surprising amount of warmth.

As a longtime fan of this game let alone this franchise, I would highly recommend this title. As soon as I could I preordered a copy of the game. I can’t wait till next year to get my hands on the final product. For old fans and new, this won’t disappoint. Final thoughts are what will the final game be like. Will it really be two Blu-Ray discs? Soo many questions unanswered still, but time will tell. Can’t wait to see this masterpiece come to life next year.

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