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First Impressions – Bleeding Edge

by on June 18, 2019

As I sat down with Bleeding Edge during E3 2019, I was excited to jump in.  The trailer (which you can check out below) looked awesome.  It had everything I wanted – great animation and art design, tons of action, and memorable characters.  What I didn’t realize is Bleeding Edge is no joking matter.  In fact, Bleeding Edge is one of the most challenging demos I played at E3 this year.

If you have seen gameplay, you might assume that Bleeding Edge looks like something you would see in Overwatch.  And in a way, you are correct.  Bleeding Edge pits 4 players against another team of 4, with each of the characters belonging to a specific class.  The classes are not particularly new (they are your standard heavy, support, and assassin classes), but they play a whole lot different with it’s focus on melee attacks.  Each character has a basic attack, 3 specialties, and an ultimate.

For my demo, I decided to play as the awesome granny called Maeve.  She is considered an assassin has some pretty unique abilities (or at least abilities that are new to me).  She has an awesome combo that can wreck the opposite team during a match.  The combo starts with trapping a player in a cage.  While the player is trapped, I used my ability to suck the life energy out of the player in order to fill my own.  This ability left them weakened or killed them straight out.  After that, I would turn invisible and escape the chaos.

Luckily, I was able to figure out this combo thanks to the help of some of the development team at Ninja Theory.  Without them, I wouldn’t have made a difference on the battlefield.  For you see, Bleeding Edge is all about strategy and communicating with your team.  It is about building the best group of 4 out of all the characters and using your abilities wisely.  My first attempt including relying on my basic attack, which did not help the team at all.  I had to move and time my combo wisely.  I also needed to stick with my team instead of going Lone Ranger and fending for myself.  Admittedly, this went against the natural way that I play games, so it was a really good challenge for me.

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The match itself was held in a train depot.  The objective was to control as many control points as possible to secure the victory.  The map itself was very detailed with various entryways to the control points.  On top of that, we had to be careful of the pesky train rolling through.  It was a fun map, and I’m excited to see what other maps and modes will launch with the game.  The combat was awesome and chaotic at the same time, with my team losing a really close match.

Overall, Bleeding Edge is very challenging, especially for people like me that don’t have a lot of practice with games like Overwatch or Paladins.  I’m excited to try more, and I already signed up for the technical alpha starting June 27th.  You can sign up at  What did you think of the footage that you saw?  Let us know in the comments!



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