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First Impressions – Avengers

by on June 13, 2019

Look, I get it.  Sometimes, the hype brings expectations to a whole other level.  As the countdown to E3 occurred, we were all salivating at the thought of what we might see from Square Enix.  After all, the Avengers is one of the biggest properties ever, and we were all chomping at the bit to see what the game would look like.  Then, this trailer appeared –

Again, I get it.  The trailer was a little lackluster.  The character models were not perfect.  The minimal gameplay left us with more questions than answers.  That being said, some of these concerns can be attributed to time.  This is clearly an alpha build that was showcased (which they emphasized at a special theater demonstration in which I attended).  They have until May of next year to keep working on it.  And for those of you who complain that they shouldn’t have shown it off in that state – let me be clear that the theater demonstration did a much better job of showing the scope and fun of the Avengers video game.

As you may have heard already, Avengers features an all-new story and features some of our favorite characters.  A day of celebration goes up in smoke as an attack on the Golden Gate bridge causes the team to stop celebrating A-Day and start saving lives.  In the midst of the chaos, the team quickly realizes that all is not what it seems.  And the day turns deadly when the Helicarrier explodes and falls in the water with Captain America on board.  The game will tell how the team, 5 years after this event, are brought together again to save the world.  The demo showed off an extended sequence of what you see in the trailer, with the majority of the action taking place on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The extended theater presentation showed each of the 5 Avengers from the trailer and a whole bunch of their move sets.  I will admit that some of the characters have, for lack of a better term, better moves than the others.  But they are all very faithful to the comics.  Thor swings Mjolnir and does extensive damage to enemies around him.  Hulk does a move straight from the movies by grabbing the feet of an enemy and swing him around at others.  Iron Man flies, Cap throws his shield, Black Widow throws down with her hurricanrana…all the moves you expect to see are there.

It looked like the Avengers would have your typical light, heavy, and aerial attacks.  Along with these, they have moves set to the bumpers that can use during the course of a battle.  These moves are more special, and it looks like it needs a little time to recharge before you use them again.  Other than that, the demo showed action and cinematics like you would see in Uncharted or Tomb Raider.  It looked awesome and had a great comic book feel to it.

So my biggest question from the presentation had to do with multiplayer.  The demo clearly looks like a single player experience and did not show what multiplayer looks like.  Some other outlets have reported that multiplayer will be more like side missions you can do with friends to level up the characters.  I guess that makes sense, but it’s not exactly the multiplayer experience we would have wanted.  I’m really hoping there are a variety of side missions and that these missions are long.  Otherwise, multiplayer will die out pretty quickly in the Avengers game.

Overall, I’m pleased with the action, cinematics, and voice acting for the Avengers.  Multiplayer is up in the air, but I think it will have a thrilling single-player campaign.  I’m ok with the character designs, and I’m sure the team will fine tune the appearances and graphics in these coming months.  Don’t worry so much about the poorly edited trailer – Avengers is in good hands and will be a fun experience.

Avengers will launch May 15th, 2020 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.  Are you concerned with what you heard about Avengers?  Let us know in the comments!

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