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Fireball RPG Kickstarter Update with Exclusive Interview!

by on April 5, 2020

Fireball RPG Kickstarter Update with Exclusive Interview!

Wow. So a lot has happened since my first post talking about some of the features of Fireball RPG…Their Kickstarter has been funded within 38 hours!! That is absolutely incredible. I’m sure the team could breathe a little easier knowing the funding is there, but the next 26 days the work is far from over.

They have some really fun social games set up so features can be unlocked even if the backing funds don’t reach their goals. The system is called “Fire Gems” and you can help gather them by just following them on their social platforms! This is a pretty slick way of getting some features added to the game without needing to spend more money, just some time sharing the project and following them online!

Fire Gem Goals and Path!

Fire Gem Goals and Path!

As of April 5th, 7:05 am PST the project currently sits at $23,165 funded with the goal being at $20,000. Their first stretch goal of $30,000 adds pedestals for your character to show them off a bit. I mean with 26 days left, anything can happen! They’ve also added merch on their Kickstarter if you add $35 dollars to your backing you can add a t-shirt to your order, for $45 you can add a hoodie. Some of the higher tier rewards, starting at $500, have these added already. I really hate to admit that their logo is really badass and has got me thinking about maybe upping my pledge…

Since joining their Discord, it’s been a blast talking with the developers and learning more about the project. Even the fans of the game are amazing showing their support and already finding friends and already prepping for campaigns. I was able to pull Francis the Android Developer away for a few moments to ask a couple of questions before they had to get back to work on the project.

Interview with Francis

What is your favorite feature of Fireball RPG?

I think our favourite feature of Fireball is the automation of rules. Sure, it has drawbacks, like having to stick to one system of game mechanics, but it also makes the role-playing experience even more immersive and makes Fireball completely newbie-friendly. You’ll never have to worry about tracking initiatives in a battle or remembering the rules of your character’s class anymore.

How nerve-racking are the days leading up to the Kickstarter compared to launch day?

Two weeks ago, I’d say things were still pretty chill, but as the Kickstarter launch date approached, the days seemed to start getting shorter, because there was just so much work that needed to be done. Two days before the launch, Chris, our artist, was drawing almost 24/7. But it was worth it and we managed to finish everything on time for launch. With the Kickstarter launched, there’s still loads of work being put into the campaign to keep it going. Once we pass the finish line on May 1st, we’ll get a night of good long sleep, but for now, bear with us!

Give us a name and a quick rundown of your favorite character that was created.

I’m going to plug a character made by David, our iOS lead: The name’s Porto Goodbarrel, he’s a halfling monk, speaks with an Indian accent and likes to drink a lot, so you’ll find him in the best mood when he’s accompanied by a bottle of wine. The most interesting part about him though is the fact that he has already died twice in our Curse of Strahd campaign and somehow is still alive. First time, it was him messing with a ghost’s baby in the House of the Dead, which effectively turned Porto into a ghost too. Later on, the party was fighting in Vallaki and Porto managed to possess a tiger to help them in the battle, later to be resurrected and put together from parts of different bodies (including the tiger’s) by a mad wizard, Abbott. Unfortunately, the rest of the party decided to try and kill Abbott and ultimately failed at doing so, while the wizard killed Porto again with the snap of a finger. The last time, a sentient conjunction of millions of ghost decided to give him his original look and body and resurrect Porto for the one, last time. We’ll see what happens next!

Are stories from your personal campaigns going to be in your “Ready-made Adventure” area?

When I think about it, why not! We can put some good ones that happened to us, but there will mainly be lots of original content written by content creators! We’re currently running Curse of Strahd though, so that one will not go into the app. We’ll see about a homebrew campaign!

Thank you Francis again for taking the time for allowing me to ask you a few questions. Also a huge congratulations to the Fireball team in getting this Kickstarted in 38 hours. That is a huge accomplishment!

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