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Fireball RPG, A Mobile TTRPG Graphical System Coming to Kickstarter April 2nd!

by on March 30, 2020

Fireball RPG, A Mobile TTRPG Graphical System Coming to Kickstarter April 2nd!

I love tabletop games. I get bummed out that getting older and having kids, doesn’t give a lot of time for a lot of “face-to-face” interactions like the days of old. Especially now with the COVID-19 outbreak and isolation is highly recommended, if not mandatory. People are losing some of their creative outlets. Sure there are systems such as Roll20 (which I also Kickstarted) that allows you to stay home yet get everyone on at the same time and have that adventure. Yet, you still need to get that time set for people. There is also an app that I have been using called “mRPG” which allows the idea of Roll20, but in mobile, chat room form. It allows you to play at any time anywhere. I enjoy mRPG, though great with having macros and being able to use any system you want (Like playtesting my system! But that’s a story for another time…) there are some difficulties in communication, and it’s not graphical at all. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad app, but it isn’t too inviting to newer players, or players whos time is already limited.

But for mobile TTRPG (TableTop RPG) fans, Fireball RPG looks to launch its Kickstarter soon, as in April 2nd soon! As for me, I am damn excited and hoping this Kickstarter takes off for the Fireball RPG team. I’ll post some links so you can go to their site and learn more but I want to break down some features that excite me.

  • This app looks like you’re playing an actual RPG. Tons of graphical menus, characters to customize, hell even the inventory is graphical. I love this idea hopefully bringing in a new wave of TTRPG players from gamers who enjoy RPGs digitally.
  • It has the potential to connect you to MILLIONS of other TTRPG players looking for an extra player or a DM\GM to bring the adventure to their hands. They also just announced more community-based features such as rating players and leaving reviews!
  • All basic features will be FREE. They are working on some monetary features for more items, spells, abilities, maps, etc. But they are going to guarantee thousands free upon launch!
  • Something huge for content creators, you can have people FOLLOW your campaigns (you can make the campaign private just for the players if you so choose). They cannot interact directly with your campaign, but they can comment and add reactions!
  • GMs\DMs you can add music, and sound effects to your game, even control the weather! Get your players more immersed!
  • Live Mode. You can use it as a tool when playing live! The GM writes up a summary after Live Mode is turned off. Keep the papers at home and just bring your device!
  • The Fireball RPG team is constantly creating quests that you can grab and play with your friends if you don’t have time to create your own!!
  • Create your own world maps and location maps. Cartophiles rejoice! Create your own worlds using drag and drop with tiles!

There are a ton more features that this app is boasting, and you can check them out here:

Check out their FAQs here:

I would recommend signing up for the waitlist so you’re up to date. Also, join their Discord! There’s already a great community just waiting to play!

They haven’t announced the Kickstarter backer levels yet, but with April 2nd just days away, you won’t have to wait long. I personally can’t wait and will most likely find myself on that backer list come April 2nd. Fireball RPG looks to be an absolute game-changer in the way we can play tabletop RPGs. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, because I can see the future being bright for this app, There are potentially no limits to where they can go and even allow custom systems in the future!

Here is a message from Jan Roose, Founder and CEO of Fireball Studios:

Starting April 2nd, Czech developers from Fireball Studios are launching a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to develop a unique mobile game Fireball. The app will bring the concept of traditional table role-playing similar to the popular D&D into the mobile world. The target amount to be raised through crowdfunding is $ 20,000. The team has been working on the app since July 2019, and its development is now roughly halfway through. The release of the game is planned for the end of this year.

The main advantage of the app is the automation of complicated game rules. Fireball will also facilitate the often difficult planning of game meetings. Players will be able to communicate with each other via chat, allowing them to play non-stop and remotely. The app will be available for free, so all users will be able to experience a full adventure without having to pay for anything. Also, it will be possible to access paid content in the form of additional objects in the inventory, expansion of the music library, pre-prepared adventures, etc.

Each user will be able to invite their friends to the game or find new co-players based on their language, time zone or even their experience and game preferences. Thanks to this feature, Fireball is an ideal game for anyone who would like to try role-playing but doesn’t have the group to try it with. Thanks to automated rules, the Fireball app is also a good choice for complete amateurs who have no previous experience with role-playing.

“We want to show the world that mobile games can be more than mindless candy crushing or fruit chopping. Fireball will bring its players a lot of great fantasy adventures experienced with their friends. ”

Jan Roose, Founder, and CEO of Fireball Studios

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