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Fights in Tight Spaces – PC (Early Access Preview)

by on May 6, 2021

Fights in Tight Spaces – PC (Early Access Preview)

I just want to be clear. Fights in Tight Spaces is an Early Access game. Your experience with the game may differ from mine. The version I am writing this about is version 0.18.4478. That version added new difficulty levels and added deck draft to the game. 

First off, huge props to the developers Ground Shatter. Fights in Tight Spaces is a blast to play. Considering it’s a rogue-like, card/deck-building, action, turn-based fighting game (whew, I think I got them all), it works so damn well. The movement is fairly smooth considering all of the fighting and action is on a squared grid area, using the cards just feels so…good.

Like I mentioned above, each level is played in a room or area that is well…a tight space. Though it is square grid-based, there can and will be obstacles in the room, such as tables and motorcycles. Everything in the room can be used to your advantage and disadvantage. I really would love to state that Fights in Tight Spaces, is VERY easy to play. You have move cards, attack cards, defense cards, and other cards that can give you small bonuses or buffs. Just as a quick run down; the move cards help you move about the tight space, the attack cards will do damage to the enemies, but they can also be ranged and may move you closer, defense cards raise your defense (which clears after every round, so if you can’t get out of the way, these cards will be your best friend), and the bonus cards can help you boost your combos or defense and such.

At the beginning of Fights in Tight Spaces you have 3 momentum to use each round. Most cards will have a momentum rating that will use that amount of momentum during your turn. Once you’re out of momentum, you’ll need to end your turn. Some cards are “free” where they don’t use momentum, others may also need your combo score to be high to be able to use. This may come off as a little confusing, but I promise you, this is the easy part.

Once you get playing in Fights in Tight Spaces, you’ll find out you can’t just go nuts and kick everyone in the head. As fun as that may be, you’ll need to keep your head like John Wick and think ahead. Every enemy’s movement and attack is presented to you on the screen and grid, so you can see where you probably shouldn’t stand if you really don’t like getting kicked in your own head. BUT, what is nice is that you can use some attack or move cards to move enemies into those squares that will be attacked and they can take the damage instead. Nothing feels better than comboing up a poor guy and with your last move push him backward into gunfire that ultimately kills him. Seriously, this game is FUN. Some spaces have exit areas where you can kick or push people through to force them out of the fight, these are usually doors and may help turn the tide if surrounded.

They also throw some different scenarios towards you, like needing to protect someone which you can push them out of harm’s way if needed while you clean up house. There is a tree-like path to get to the end of the scenario and there are things to look for like random event locations, hospitals to heal, and gyms to boost or buy new cards.

The music and artsyle are minimalistic but it works so well. Though everyone is two colors, white and whatever color the enemy is, everything just works perfectly. But let’s also not forget the camera angles. With some more powerful cards, the camera will zoom in and give you a different angle which is very satisfying. Another satisfying thing? Being able to replay the level so you can watch your fight scene like a movie, granted watching your ass get handed to you isn’t so fun.

Even though Fights in Tight Spaces is in Early Access, it’s definitely worth grabbing if you’re the least bit interested…and you should be. The developers are fairly active and taking fan suggestions very seriously. I really can’t wait to see the bloody awesome future of this game.

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