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Fear the Wolves Early Access Preview

by on September 26, 2018

Fear the Wolves Early Access Preview

I needed to get this preview out before being able to REALLY dive into this hour-wise. The reason being is because I was unable to find any players within the NA servers. It was truly sad. All of my experiences were on the EU servers. So I did experience a lot of lag spikes which I can’t say it was the gameplay’s fault.

When I was able to play Fear the Wolves, I found it quite interesting. The player creation, although limited, was fun to see and allows some customization with your character. Once you play a bit you can earn some coins then can be used to purchase (at the time) four different outfit options. Then as with most battle royals, you drop into the map.

The map is Chernobyl which has been deserted. Much like PUBG you run around scavaging for weapons, armor, and accessories to weapons. There are different levels of armor to pick up with level three being the best. You can also grab items like gas masks that will help during the match. I was only able to drop in with about 12-14 people so at times it was a while before you found someone. But it’s not just the other players you need to worry about. It’s mother nature.

This was one of the high points of the map and nature. There are in fact wolves that will eat your face. You can kill these and they do their own death counter you can see how many you took out. They are damn aggressive too, so make sure you know your surroundings before sprinting across a field or within an area without knowing everything is clear. Another great part of the map is how it shrinks. Instead of a steady circle closing in, the map is grid-based and squares will eventually be overridden with radiation and you will need to move. The will slowly creep in at different points forcing you to move to the extraction point. There are also these bubbles of radiation that are visible as shimmering areas. If you walk in, you will start losing health. It would be a good idea to stay out of those. 😀

Unfortunately, I never made it far enough in the games I played to get to the extraction point.  I just wish they had some more pull in the NA servers. This is mainly why I’m writing this before I was able to push further into the game. I really want people to know that this is a game they should take a look at. It definitely is something to keep an eye out and help build this game up.

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