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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review (PC)

by on August 10, 2020
Release Date

Aug. 4th, 2020


Publisher: Devolver Digital


What is it about cute games that make us so ultra competitive?  Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is very visually appealing.  Bright colors, fun music, and cute jellybean characters that you can dress up and flop around.  It’s a super cute game!  Yet the competitive nature of each event creates this furiosity in you that makes you want to destroy your enemies and steal that crown.  And that competitive drive creates an amazing multiplayer experience.

Fall Guys pits 60 competitors against each other in a variety of races and events.  Each stage widdles down the competition until you have a final battle for the ultimate prize.  The prize, of course, is a beautiful crown that can be used to purchase specialty items in the shop.  Is it necessary to buys these items?  Not really.  Do the items invaluable to the game?  Kind of.  But are you willed by your inner competitive conscience to fight, push, and jump your way to victory?  Abso-freakin-lutely.

It doesn’t matter which level you compete in.  Something about the game makes you yearn for that crown at the end.  I think a huge part of it is the ruthless nature of your competitors.  Throughout my time in Fall Guys, everyone I competed against wanted to claw and fight their way to victory.  It’s an exhilerating experience as you qualify and widdle down the competition.  Even when I don’t win (which is a lot) I still get pumped if a teammate wins.  See for yourself (and minor editor note – my graphic card was not upgraded, so there are some greens and blues that appear black) –

Right now, there are about two dozen stages that are randomly chosen.  I think my favorite stages are the races, especially when you start in a field of 60 players.  It’s absolute chaos as you are file through tight squeezes and avoid environmental hazards like windmills or falling balls.  There are some clever puzzle stages as well.

My biggest complaint is with the team based levels.  I don’t like them because it is hard to coordinate with your teammates if they are not a part of your party.  They have solid gameplay, so I’m not complaining about that.  But rather, it’s hard to guide or strategize with your teammates.  On the flip side, you can sabatoge the efforts of other teams which is flat out hysterical.  For example, one team event has you pushing a giant ball through obstacles towards a goal.  Towards the end, it becomes a free for all as other teams block the progress of your ball and vice versa.

There are moments when you are frustrated when someone blocks your progress or you barely miss qualifying.  And on Steam, there are those that are choosing to cheat to win.  But despite all of this, Fall Guys is flat out fun.  I’m excited to see what is in store for the game.  I’m sure more events will eventually make it’s way to the game.  But imagine if they could integrate Twitch controls to allow viewers to augment a race with their favorite streamer.  Or imagine even more adorable outfits and accessories for your bean.

Fall Guys is a must play with friends and has plenty of room to grow.  It’s silly and competitive in all the right ways.  I’m excited to see it’s future, and since it is currently free for Playstation Plus users, you have no excuse not to try it!  Even if you don’t, Fall Guys is definitely worth your time and money.

Have you won any crowns yet?  Let us know in the comments!

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Crazy competition
Fun, colorful characters and levels
Room to grow
Killer soundtrack


Team based games a little more challenging without communication

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Bottom Line

Fall Guys is flat out fun. It is a must play with friends and has plenty of room to grow.  It's silly and competitive in all the right ways.  I'm excited to see it's future.

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