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Evolution is coming to the digital space!

by on September 11, 2017

As an avid board game fan, I have occasionally looked into purchasing Evolution by North Star Games.The art alone is what made me want to purchase the game.  Everything I’ve read about the game and its gameplay had my interest peaked.Once I saw the vast amounts of components and how it plays while sitting on the table I was slightly turned off. Have no fear though because North Star Games must have heard my cries of anguish because they have announced a digital version of Evolution!

On September 12th you will be able to back Evolution – The Video Game for the low low price of ten dollars USD. The Kickstarter will run from September 12th until October 17th. Once the Kickstarter ends in October, the beta will be closed and only backers will have access until the game launches in 2018. So if you back the project you will be able to play the beta day one after the campaign closes if you’re on pc. Tablets will get the beta in November 2017, and phones in February 2018.


Backer Tiers

Let’s take a look at the backer tiers and what each one gets you:

  • $10 will net you the game for IOS or Android. Kickstarter exclusive avatar, Kickstarter exclusive digital trait cards, and of course all the stretch goals.
  • $15 will get you the PC version of the game.  Kickstarter exclusive avatar, Kickstarter exclusive digital trait cards, and all the stretch goals.
  • My personal favorite tier is the $20 tier. This will get you the game on IOS or Android, and Steam, an exclusive species design, a private online tournament with the devs of the game, your name in the credits and everything from the previous tiers.
  • For $25 bucks American you will get everything from the previous tier but some table top goodies if you are also into the tabletop version. You’ll get exclusive neoprene playmat for the tabletop game Watering Hole, or video game mouse pad, featuring art from the video game. Lastly, you can show off your custom dino-meeple sticker.
  • Let’s say you don’t have the board game yet. Well for $50 you can get everything from above plus the board game.
  • $100 dollars gets you everything plus the new Climate conversion for the board game.
  • Maybe you think you’re an expert at Evolution. Well, then $200 dollars is where you want to be. This will get you everything from above IOS, Android, and steam tiers, another exclusive avatar, and a dino meeple signed by the creator of Evolution. But you will also compete in a head to head match of the video game with designer and developers. If you can manage to defeat them you will receive a custom print of the art of Evolution from Katherine Hamilton.
  • For $500 (which is the tier I’m trying to talk my wife into) you will get everything from the IOS, Android, and Steam tiers. Most importantly though you will receive two tickets to either Gen Con 2018 or PAX East 2018. The great people over at North Star Games will take you and your guest out to dinner and then play an in development tabletop game with the team.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

First Look

That’s the info about the game but what is it you ask. Well, let’s take a look at the press release and see what they say.

Adapt or Go Extinct. In each game of Evolution, your species must adapt to the changing environment in order to survive.

Want to eat up the plant food before your opponents get the chance? Add a Foraging trait to eat food twice as fast. See a carnivore lurking? Evolve your species with the Climbing ability and escape to the trees. With 17 interactive trait cards to adapt with, the combinations are bountiful and every game, a new and thrilling adventure.

Let’s take a look at this exclusive trailer for Evolution the Video Game.

Hands On!

I was lucky enough to meet with Melissa from North Star Games at Gen Con 2017 and play the game! Let the record show that I have never played Evolution so I was going in pretty blind. When I started the first thing that hit me was that the art styled carried over to every aspect of the game. All the cards and animals use the original art from the board game. So I started and of course, I skipped the tutorial because I’m an idiot, but l powered on anyway. After having Melissa point me in the correct direction a few times I took off and started evolving away. The gameplay flowed naturally and didn’t feel like an awkward port of a tabletop game. That is a huge pitfall that I’ve seen happen to many video game adaptations of tabletop games. Evolution seemed to bypass this all together. I remarked about how the game reminds me almost of Hearthstone because it looks simple but hides a complex system behind its beautiful surface. I was taken back by how deep the gameplay was but in a good way. I was expecting to sit down and play some kiddie game but Evolution is nothing of the sort. Each turn is a literal fight for survival. Do you get more creatures, or evolve the ones you already have? How much food do you contribute to the watering hole? You can even grow wings and take to the air to stay away from carnivores trying to eat you. The game is so complex and layered, with a nonthreatening look that will draw players in and “trick” them into enjoying such a deep experience. So even with all my inexperience, I pulled a clutch win! I took the carnivore path and just ate the enemy and even a few of my own creatures to survive. But I did survive and win! I walked away completely surprised by Evolution the Video Game and wanting to play more. Check out some screen shots below!

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You’ll be able to find me near the watering hole on the 17th of October, so come and see if you will survive or go extinct!


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