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Engage in Fantasy Turn-based Tactics in King’s Bounty II This August

by on May 5, 2021

King’s Bounty II is a tactical turn-based fantasy game. Players can choose from three heroes, each with their own personality and skill set, and guide their path through the world of Nostria. Each storyline will include events with moral choices and consequences. Choice-making will involve the actions of players rather than being limited to only a dialogue choice.

Recruit and develop an army of unique unit squads. Characters types range from the more standard humans and elves to trolls and other creatures. Units in King’s Bounty II are not a faceless, disposable mercenaries. Each unit will have their own set of skills and unique appearance to differentiate themselves among your ranks.

Battlefields reflect the areas on the world map, adding additional battle preparation options to give players the upper hand. Obstacles and verticality are also factors to consider on the field. New mechanics, such as Line of Sight, add more depth to the combat system. Surprise mid-battle events can also occur to spice things up.

The world of King’s Bounty II is a mix of fantasy and gritty realism. I am particularly excited about this as I absolutely love fantasy. Watching a dragon swoop down, breathing fire on troops or a dude swoop a skeleton over his shoulder is exactly the type of action I will applaud. This is the largest world 1C Entertainment has created and I look forward to exploring every inch of it.

King’s Bounty II launches August 24, 2021 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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