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Edge of Eternity Full Release Review

by on August 2, 2021
Release Date

June 8th, 2021


Midgar Studio


Edge of Eternity, the sci-fi/fantasy hybrid RPG, has finally left early access but is it ready for prime time? An ambitious game by the small dev team of Midgar Studio, EoE promises a AAA experience on a budget that will rekindle the old days of RPG gaming while offering modern amenities in the process. However, despite being tasked with reviewing this game, I sadly must say this game is not finished by a long shot. If it were still in early access I’d say this game was performing at a C+ with the ability to make it to A if things got ironed out. As a review for what is claimed to be a finished release though? This game is getting a big ol F from me. Why such a drastic change in tune you might ask? Read on below as I air out my grievances over my time trying to review this game.


Let’s start by getting the positives out of the way. The combat is still an amazing evolution of the genre that really shouldn’t be missed. You have a hexagonal grid to move around with some entry level tactical gameplay built into an otherwise perfectly vanilla turn based combat system. They took what worked for decades and added just enough to revitalize JRPG combat. However there are item bonuses for completing missions within fights, like defeating an enemy with a back attack, that can easily sour the mood. I was hit with several objectives that would greatly benefit me for completing them, like crystals to equip my weapon that I had none of, if only I could endure taking 364 damage. the problem? the enemies were hitting me for about 3. I of course took the grinders dilemma and boringly spend the 17 odd minutes letting them attack me till I got what I needed and moved on. If the devs could reign in this aspect of combat i’d have nothing bad to say about it.


Alright time to wade through the swamp of disappointment and list out all the cons of EoE. Music is boring. Sure it fits the theme but it’s not doing anyone any favors when you realize we will be hearing each song for hours. It just adds to the tedium of exploring the boring expanses of decent looking locals. each area feels large but is so devoid of life like enemies and forage points that they might as well just made this game full of corridors. I say this because the game loves to teleport you around after certain checkpoints are made. I still remember after returning home, the hero and his sister decided to leave on a journey only to have the large tundra that surrounded where they lived to be unexplorable as I found myself on the other end and near a cave; bypassing a city in the process I could not go back to explore. I’m sure this is because being a small team means sacrifices have to be made but exploring is a key part of the genre and all this decision gave me was confusion and yearning for what I couldn’t have.


The story does not seem to have really changed from it’s early access days either. the plot holes and inconsistencies still plague the game. The stilted mouth puppetry and equally wooden performances from the poorly directed voice actors are still there to lisp their way into piercing your ears as well. It feels like the only thing this full release is offering us is all the pieces of the puzzle finally assembled and boy does it feel like I’m in. Just hopping around pieces of what should be a complete game haphazardly while I get to experience some of these pieces put in so poorly i question if they were the right ones. I’m constantly met with boundaries that were not coded properly; I’ve struggled with inclines almost every time I’ve met them and enemies will spawn inside mountains and other places they shouldn’t be. In fact most of the time you’ll encounter an enemy on the field only to have the battle put them seemingly out of bounds though I’ve yet to meet an instance where I couldn’t hit them. Speaking of the monsters… They are dumb as rocks. Usually they act as you would expect them to. Other times they won’t move or act at all. It really hurts the wonderful battle system made when there is no challenge to go with it.

Now for the real reason I gave this game an F. This game is not finished at all. I actually had to buy a much beefier cooler for my pc from Noctua to reign in the heat it would make my Ryzen 3600 pump out. Even then watching the temps hit past the point of throttling with no clear indicator it won’t go higher made my play sessions short but constant as I tried to keep performance at it;s best. but hey at least spending $80 dollars on a cooler meant I wasn’t blue screening anymore. I also hit a game breaking glitch where I was not able to progress because the forced tutorial on crafting items took an item prematurely, tried to find it when it was actually needed and panicked it’s way into using 29GB of my ram. It took several minutes to get the screenshot for a bug report before I was forced to hold power on my pc to force a shut down. When I went to the discord to issue a bug report; the answer was take a save file someone else made after that point. That is not the kind of solution you give the average user. In fact this is a well documented bug that the devs do not know how to even correct. They blame unity for the issue but it’s still a big problem that needs to be addressed.


EoE is also still releasing major patches. Just recently they brought out the bestiary to help people not be lost with the crafting system and to properly catalogue the enemies you find. This is nothing short of an integral part of the game being put out AFTER the game’s release. In fact if you look at MIdgard Studios roadmap, and yes they still have one, it extends into the end of next year. Curiously enough, October is the slated console release. To me that seems like a much better time to issue a full release. You’d have more time to work on bugs and add still missing parts of the game all while having a proper release date for all platforms so as not to potentially cannibalize the console sales. Either way this game is not ready by any stretch of the word and I feel bad reviewing a game that still needs one and a half years of development time to finish if the roadmap is to be believed.


I’m giving EoE an F for now. I’ll try it again in October when the console version is released to see if I need to update this review but for now I say avoid it like the plague. F


Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for review is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience. All opinions therein are from the author alone.

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- Gameplay, when it works, Is fun and engaging.


- Exploring locations is as boring as it is beautiful to look at.
- Myriad bugs preventing any real enjoyment.
- Some of the challenges are tedius frind fests making some battles last more than 10 minutes to simply get wailed on for an item
- Fairly unoriginal in most aspects except for combat. Feels like Star Ocean and Final Fantasy had a child they decided to neglect.

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Bottom Line

An unfinished mess masquerading as complete. If by "full release" they meant "full of bologna" then yes, Edge of Eternity is a full release. Avoid till the ridiculous laundry list of issues are resolved; hopefully at the end of 2022 when the roadmap is considered done.
Grade: F

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