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Early Access Review – Windscape (PC)

by on September 27, 2016

Windscape is an open world RPG build from one man, Dennis Witte. Dennis is a one man workhorse in his studio Magic Sandbox. This game has been in development for about a year and a half, and damn it is pretty impressive. I wasn’t to sure what to think of Windscape when doing some quick research. Was it Zelda? Was it Minecraft? What the hell was it and what was the point of this game? I was pleasantly surprised in the unexpected world I fell into.

You start off as a young girl on your family’s farm and learn quickly that the floating islands in the world are breaking apart and falling from the sky! Clearly that isn’t good, and to top it off all of the animals have turned vicious and will eat your face if given the chance. Once you gain control of the game it immediately jumps you into crafting. Which is so easy but a very deep system as well. After running around the farm and collecting the ingredients you use the stove and create a soup that will heal some HP. After that you are off to town in search for quests and to figure out why the world is falling apart.

In this early access there is currently only one dungeon which has some very strong Zelda Windwaker aspects to it, finding keys and unlocking doors to get to the main boss. The fighting system is quite fun, left button attacks and if you have a one-handed weapon and a shield, the right button pulls your shield up for defense. If you collect everything you come across on the island (sticks, ore, animal parts, flowers, herbs), eventually you’ll be able to craft some amazing items. I eventually crafted a bow and about 100 arrows, smelted some ore into bars and made some health potions. Everything just felt good about the whole system.

The graphics were bright and welcoming. The details in everything were very well done. Not straight paths, small river with a bridge, just little atmosphere details that were added made the experience richer. I did notice, there weren’t many shadows. Even the trees had no shadows. This is not a set back just a detail I noticed. I have some screenshots below to show off graphics, menus, and such.

This is NOT a complete game at the moment. But I enjoyed wandering around seeing what it had to offer. I will definitely say this: if you love the 3D Zelda games and you looking for something new and refreshing on PC, invest in this game. With it being early access any little bit helps the developer directly. I feel that this is something truly special in the works here. It is charming and the world is well done and gorgeous and looks to only improve. The developer openly is asking for feedback and bug reports to help tune his game, and he has already implemented some. It may not be worth the $16.99 on steam at the moment, but I’d give it a chance for sure if you’re the least bit interested.

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