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Dynasty Warrior Collaboration Event Announced

by on April 5, 2018

Dynasty Warriors fans are in for a treat!  Today, Nexon announced a special event for Dynasty Warriors: Unleased.  To celebrate it’s one year anniversary, Unleashed players can participate in a collaboration event with Dynasty Warriors 9!

According to the press release, this event will contain a ton of new content, including popular characters, challenges, and features.  You can expect to see:

  • Xin Xianying – The highly anticipated character, also known as “The Wise Heroine” and “The Grace of Jin” arrives as the latest addition to the Dynasty Warriors universe;
  • Epic Attacks – Xin Xianying can use two Legendary weapons: Orchid Cleaver or Silken Illusion, and wipe out enemies with her ‘Falling Blossom’ Musou Attack;
  • New Story Chapter – Chapter 10, “The Northern Expedition: Battle of Mount Dingjun!” is now playable;
  • Guild Assault – Guilds can now compete in an epic war for ancient China’s most prosperous cities.

Players can also participate in a new Dynasty Warriors 9 collaboration mode and earn anniversary gifts. Players who recruit Xin Xianying up until Friday, April 20 will be awarded a 6 star Anniversary Chest (Gold).  If you train her to Level 90, you’ll receive 5 Sacred Skill Scrolls (L) and transcend her for 1 piece of Arcane Ore.  And the ‘Red Star’ Edicts in the Edict & Chest menu allow players to recruit transcended Officers (1 star to 6 stars) all starting with Level 60!

What do you guys think of this update?  Let us know in the comments!


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