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DwarfHeim – PC (Early Access Preview)

by on April 25, 2021

DwarfHeim – PC (Early Access Preview)

DwarfHeim is a unique real-time strategy with both Co-op and PVE game modes. You can play solo or with two friends. It has all of the standard RTS mechanics that you’d expect like managing farms and houses or creating and upgrading units, but the co-op nature is what makes DwarfHeim different from other RTS games out there. The reason for this is that each player assumes a different role, and that means you absolutely have to work together to achieve victory. 

At times it can feel basic but overall it’s pretty enjoyable. The idea is simple. Build your town and collect resources, grow your army, attack the enemy. One of my favorite things about DwarfHeim is that there are two worlds. The overworld, where you will focus on farming and building your army. Then there is the underworld, where you will focus on digging for all sorts of resources such as iron, gold, and steel. When playing as a full trio, it usually ends up with one person managing the resources underground, another managing the town overground, and the other building the army and defending the city as rival clans try to invade. Each of the three roles is important for the team to succeed. If one person is lacking, the others definitely struggle to progress. 

DwarfHeim Base Layout


As the builder, your job is to build various structures and defenses to protect your town. The builder is responsible for building farms to essentially feed your entire town. As well as gathering all the resources above ground like wood. The majority of the time you’ll spend as a builder is in the overworld but it’s never a bad idea to go into the underworld to set up some defenses. 

As the miner, the underworld is your territory. You will spend most if not all of your time gathering ore. Miners will focus on gathering resources and building the various mining machinery. Sorting the resources is almost like a mini-game on its own. You’ll set up a conveyor belt system that leads to automated machines. The more efficient your setup is, the faster you’ll gather resources your team will need to pretty much do anything else in the game.

DwarfHeim Underworld

As the warrior, you won’t do much building at all because your focus will be on fighting. Warriors can help with gathering food from the farm or chopping down trees for wood but mostly you’ll be building your army and defending the town. Training various warrior personnel and upgrading them is your priority until you’re ready to attack enemy towns. Warriors can wander a bit and kill creeps which will drop resources you can take back to your town. There are also ruins that you can capture as a warrior. Capturing ruins will give you various enhancements as well as opens up a small portion of the map even if you haven’t explored that area yet.

Overall DwarfHeim is a fun co-op game to play with friends that enjoy RTS games as much as you do or someone that is just getting into RTS games and needs you to help them through it. I love the idea of this and love how important interplayer communication becomes. The team may have enough food for you to train one farmer, but what if your warrior needs to train a soldier? You guys have enough resources to build a university, but what if you also need to build a barracks? Everyone has the resources needed to train new personnel but you don’t have capacity because there aren’t enough houses. Having an overall objective keeps your team working together but focusing on your individual tasks lets you work on your character’s objective. 

DwarfHeim Front Base

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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