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Dual Universe Beta First Impressions – PC

by on October 23, 2020

Dual Universe Beta First Impressions – PC

When posting news about Dual Universe through-out the year, I was legitimately hyped. The game looked gorgeous, and the sky was literally the limit. I jumped at the opportunity at a chance to try the Dual Universe Beta…holy crap, my body was not ready.

Dual Universe is no joke. This isn’t your point and click MMO. You need to really understand how Dual Universe works and plan ahead to really get the best experience out of it. Unfortunately, for me, it wasn’t super clear and not all tutorials were super clear either. Let me dive into the different pieces I experienced in Dual Universe starting from the beginning.

Character creation doesn’t take very long. As there are no stats or visuals on your character besides the colors and accents of your suit. You get a quick introduction, then you’re thrown into the world of Dual Universe. The tutorials are in-game and you walk around to each little area and interact with a quick tutorial explaining the basics of the game. Once those are done, the universe is at your fingertips. You can do just about anything you want from this point forward. I’d highly recommend going throughout the large buildings in the beginning area and do the tutorials in there. It will give you a crash course in exactly what you can do in Dual Universe and hopefully give you some ideas of how you want to play the game.

For me, the tutorials were a bit rough, it was a ton of information and you needed to travel (warp) to a different location to be placed in a little sandbox area where you can learn things like driving/piloting, building, or mining and such. It felt jarring and it threw me off having to jump back and forth into different tutorials. Which had to load everything you stepped on and off the platform. The tutorials alone probably took me about 3ish hours before I had felt somewhat comfortable enough to attempt to make my impact in Dual Universe.

From there you get warped to a “neutral moon”, where no one can attack you or whatever you build there. Which is nice for learning the game and do some test builds from homes, factories, or ships. This is where I got stuck for a bit, what the hell do I do now? Luckily for me, someone popped in my stream and gladly helped me out. They showed me that some of the starting skills you want to invest in are the basic crafting skills. They also showed me that in your crafting menu, you can check/uncheck the options to show what you’re able to craft or not. By showing everything you can craft you can also see what is needed to craft that item. You can then fairly easily start building your character into a mass-producing workhorse. What’s also nice is that most of the areas are littered with ores to mine, and they respawn fairly quickly as well.

It wasn’t long before he told me you can take anything apart and rebuild it. I was a little stunned, anything? So you get a blueprint for a speeder. You can rip that thing apart and rebuild it any way you’d like…to a point where it needs to make sense, like angles of wings and engines. Although, you can make some fairly gnarly creations that can in fact fly. What does help for inspiration, is at the starting point they do have portals you can jump on a warp to someone’s established location. This is great for beginning players, especially to start building inspiration on what exactly is possible.

I mentioned the skills earlier, you really do need a plan of attack. At first glance, at least for me, was VERY overwhelming. Dual Universe has everything broken down into hundreds of skills. You are also able to advance those skills further as you play. Again, as I mentioned above, you’ll probably want to focus on crafting and production in the beginning before others such as piloting. You won’t be piloting really in the beginning. Plus you’re really going to need to be able to produce a lot of materials for ships and buildings anyway.

Here are some tips that helped me when I felt like I got a little overwhelmed. Do all of the tutorials, at least eventually. If you want to focus on just crafting and production, do those first. Don’t worry about everything all at once. It’s a lot to take in. Get active in chat, and find a group of helpful people. I had no issues finding advanced players willing to help, hell even jumped in a discord call with me and took time away from his production to show me things and even talk about the builds he’s done. I cannot thank him enough.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Dual Universe. It is beyond what I imagined, and as I mentioned multiple times, a little overwhelming at times too. Eve Online players looking for a little bit more would fall in love with this game, especially if they are looking for more visual gameplay such as building ships and creating factories. I guess you could call it a mix between Eve Online, a little Kerbal Space Program, a little Minecraft, and throw in a little Satisfactory. It is currently fun to play in its current state, and updates are coming through often. I can’t wait to see what people start really getting this game going with different builds and such. Even if you’re not interested now, keep an eye out on it.

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