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Deploy and Destroy Review

by on July 30, 2018
Release Date

May 23, 2018


Lionsgate Games / AppMinistry


Deploy and Destroy is a competitive online first-person shooter on mobile. Lionsgate Studios leverages two of its IPs, Ash and the Evil Dead and Divergent, to differentiate itself from other similar games. The problem is outside of the names it has attached to it, there is little new here that hasn’t been done better somewhere else. Whether it is the characters, the movement, the controls, or the customization I wish there was just a little more uniqueness to this game. If you’ve played Guns of Boom on mobile, you’ve already played something very similar. Even the use of IP could be more interesting.

When I first heard the description of this game I thought it was an interesting idea to bring in two franchises that could have plenty of interesting characters and weaponry, and then allow unlocking of iconic weapons and characters to mix and match loadouts. Unfortunately unlocking new weaponry only unlocks it for the associated character, meaning you don’t get to take Ash’s double-barrel shotgun and put it in the hands of a Divergent character. The universe characters and weapons are siloed off from each other in an unfortunate way. A blending of these worlds could have led to a really unique and fun layer on top of this game. Beyond the lack of crossover content my problems with Deploy and Destroy run deeper than that.

Lackluster unlockables make the grind to unlock and upgrade not very worth it.

Like I said earlier, this game is pretty much Guns of Boom with a slightly more realistic look and a few IPs added on top of it. Unfortunately despite its popularity I don’t think Guns of Boom is very good either. The games quickly become grindy in an unfortunate way if you want to keep upgrading and unlocking stuff. The movement of the games is also slow and plodding in a way that sucks any tension or action out of the game and instead replaces it with trying to flank enemies by slowly walking across the map. The games generally will auto-fire which I think is actually a smart choice for most mobile FPS games, but with all other elements combined firefights turn into lackluster affairs of two people sitting with their cursors on each other unloading weaponry until one of them falls, then you slowly plod on to the next target. If this game had chosen a speedier snappier approach or extra mobility options this could have made firefights feel slightly more engaging and interesting. Even a dedicated sprint button exists but none of it helps with mobility in combat

Deploy and Destroy just lacks satisfaction in action. Even if I topped the leader board of a match it felt entirely lackluster. Winning multiple firefights felt only like I knew when to use a medkit consumable. Characters being shot don’t react at all, they just continue to plod at you. If the game didn’t have hitmarkers it would be hard to tell you were even hitting a target. Level design, even though trying to reproduce environments from the IPs in the game, felt lackluster and static. The drab art style left it all feeling incredibly generic. Guns of Boom in comparison has a bright art style and unique look that sets it apart, but there is just none of that to be found here. It just feels like any real character that could have come into the game play from these shows is instantly lost as all characters similarly plod around and try to take each other out.

Every upgrade to an item incurs another timer which serves only to try and squeeze some more premium currency out of you.

There could have been something to Deploy and Destroy. Taking popular characters and mixing them into a franchise shooter can work. You can make a compelling world by simply saying that these two worlds collided and now it’s an all out brawl for survival, but none of that makes it into this game. No ounce of imagination imbues this game past anything more than a Guns of Boom clone trying to sell two TV franchises. Even unlockables aside from guns are things like Grey Pants, which are also somehow character specific. Monetization, weapon unlocks, and even game play are so by the numbers that this game falls into a category of completely forgettable.

Combat feels slow and uneventful.

The most disappointing part to this game, of all of the complaints against it, is that it could have been so much more. The premise sounds great. The idea of Ash trying to shoot sci-fi soldiers with his boom stick sounds like a recipe for amazing times, and the game falls so completely short of the concept that it isn’t worth the time or space of install. As always, check out the game if you want, it’s free to play, but you would probably find more fun and enjoyment out of Guns of Boom’s more vibrant art design and weaponry or Modern Combat Versus’ speed and hero abilities.


Plenty of progression to be had
Well rendered characters look like their TV show counterparts


Lackluster Gameplay
Underutilized IPs
Lots of grind to keep weapons powered up
Drab generic art style

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Bottom Line

Deploy and Destroy could have been so much more than it is, a Guns of Boom clone that tries to tack on some known IPs to keep things interesting. It fails to deliver on what could have been a really great concept.

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