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First Impressions: Dead By Daylight

by on June 27, 2016

We got a chance to sit down and play some Dead By Daylight, published by Starbreeze Studios and developed by Behavior Interactive. The main goal of the game is to get a bunch of your friends together and let one of your friends hunt you down through a series of maps. Around the map there are generators for power. These generators must be powered on in order to unlock the exit. The number of generators that must be turned on is determined by the number of players that are currently playing. It is a 1 for 1 system, so if you have 10 people playing (including the killer), you will need to turn on 10 generators before you exit.

There are 3 different types of killers with each having their own special abilities. These special abilities range from a few different things like bear traps, chainsaws, and a blunt like sword type object. The players and killer themselves have their own abilities as well that can be leveled up throughout the game. The advantage to leveling up will have some increases to your skill level that may result in something like being able to turn on a generator quicker then you could before.

The playing process itself for the killer is to disable a player on the field and then “sacrifice” their soul/body by simply impaling them on a nearby meat hook of sorts. For the other players on the field, there are random lockers that you may hide in as well as crates and such you can throw down in the path of the killer that will slow them down as you are being chased. You will know that the killer is nearby as you will hear your own heartbeat get louder and louder. You are also given the ability to bring your friend down from a hook once impaled as they will have a limited amount of time to struggle with their death to keep themselves alive for just a little bit longer before being stabbed through by some spider-claw type looking creature.

Bottom line is that the game is in its early stages of release and has some needed tweaks, but overall is super fun to play (especially in the dark) and we cannot wait to play more of it. Currently it looks like you cannot switch roles during private party game play and must have everyone exit out and have the killer invite everyone back in. We also noticed that you cannot accumulate points to skill unlocks in private party mode, not sure if that is something to be added later but would be a really great feature. For the time being, check out the replay below from our Twitch feed last night. More videos will be added as we get our hands onto some more games down the road.

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