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Darwin Project Closed Alpha Impressions

by on November 12, 2017

Darwin Project Closed Alpha Impressions

When The Darwin Project was first announced, I was really impressed and hyped to see what this game has to offer. This last weekend 11/10 -11/12 they opened up the closed Alpha for some playtesting. I streamed my plays on and it was a blast. Considering it was only in alpha, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The closed alpha had a ton of servers and was a little difficult to get a full server on US – West. It may have been the midday Friday morning that stunted it. Either way, it was a blast. Unfortunately, they did not have the ‘Show Director’ position for everyone, that’s what I want. The game was damn smooth and beautiful for an alpha. In its current state, it would get some good following right out of the gates.

The game’s overall theme is survival, very similar to the battle arenas that are dominating the gaming world today. Yet, in Darwin Project, even mother nature is against you. You’re in Northern Canada and not wearing much more than a prison jumpsuit. You can upgrade your cold resistance or keep building fires to keep warm. Fires get shown on the map and makes you an easy target while you warm up. You have to decide what upgrades you want to invest in and craft your character. Do you want to be more aggressive in your plays? You can tailor your character to be more hunter-like, or ninja-like if you want to be a bit more sneaky. You can create bear traps and full-blown cage traps if you so prefer.

Some of the greatest moments of the game come from the area in-game voice chat. If you leave your microphone on if you are in the vicinity of another player they can infact hear you. This can cause major laughs as some people beg for mercy or forget and start talking to themselves and give away their position.

Tracking plays a huge part in the game. You will see an eye icon showing a clue you can inspect to see where that player went. This is usually an animal carcass, a harvested tree, or a lit fire. Once inspected you will then be able to see the outline of the player and his footsteps where they went. It’s an epic addition and nervewracking as you hope that you yourself are not being tracked.

Once in a while, an electronic will spawn. If you can gather this, you will be able to craft an awesome tech skill. Creating a radar or active camouflage that grants temporary invisibility can save your ass in crucial moments. There are also chests littered about the map that can grant you some parts for you to craft with.

Overall this game was a blast to play and with the different approach to the battle arena, it keeps it fresh. I cannot wait to see where this goes! I hope another play session is in the works soon and the Show Director mode is a bit more unlocked! Keep your eye on this game!!

Heres a clip of me showing off the customization and my first (terrible) match!

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