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Daemon X Machina demo-Impressions

by on February 15, 2019


Nintendo just had one of their ” Nintendo Directs”. In it they showcased many up and coming releases for the Nintendo Switch. One of the many was Daemon X Machina. They also released a demo for gamers to test.

Now, I have been excited for this game since I heard about it a few months back. I for one couldn’t wait to try the demo and let’s say it didn’t disappoint me. In the demo, players can battle through four different missions while testing out the game’s controls and customization options. After playing, only a few select players will receive an email containing a link to an online survey.  Where they will have an opportunity to  provide feedback about the game to Director Kenichiro Tsukuda and the development team.

Players will be able to customize their  their mechs (or Arsenals), with different weapons on its arms and shoulders . The player can also equip back-up weapons on its back and swap them out during battle.They will also be able to customize their avatar. We only get a small piece of what the game has in store for us but I cannot wait to see the finished product.

What I enjoyed about this game is that it reminded me of the game Zone Of The  Enders. A mecha style shooter with similar game-play. As a long time gamer, seeing games that I grew up with influence a newer generation of games means a lot. You have to know where we came from to know where we can take it to the next level. The gameplay should also feel familiar to any Armored Core fans, since Kenichiro Tsukuda is well known for his work developing the Armored Core series.


All in all the demo is fun and I highly recommend giving it a try. It may not blow you away, but its a fun ride and a nice addition to the Switch and it’s ever growing library. In the end the demo’s  fluid combat, customization,story, and visual presentation will gives us quite the experience through the power of the Switch.

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