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Consumer Passes Available Soon for E3 2017!

by on February 8, 2017

Yesterday, E3 posted a countdown on Facebook live (which later continued on their Twitch Channel).  This morning, we got confirmation on what the countdown meant.  For the first time, E3 will have consumer tickets available for the public!

As you may or may not know, E3 has been an industry only event that showcases upcoming games and hardware to media and industry reps.  Last year, there was a side event for the public that offered them a chance to play and see some products from EA and other companies.  It looks like the success of the side event convinced E3 officials to offer consumer passes.

The Entertainment Software Association announced that 15,000 tickets will be available for consumers starting February 13th.  There will be an early bird special for $150, with the price going up to $250.  Consumers will have access to the show floor, panels, and events at E3.

I’m honestly torn about this.  I was lucky enough to go last year, so I am happy that others who never had the chance will get the opportunity to go.  I’m worried about access, lines, and how to fit 15,000 more people into the LA Convention Center.  Will there be blowback from the industry?  I’m curious to see if any companies will pull out because of this.  I guess we will find out as we get closer to E3 2017.

Tickets go on sale February 13th and will be available for purchase at

For more information about the reasoning behind this move, check out this interview with Richard Taylor, Senior VP at ESA, which you can read on GameSpot by clicking HERE.

Are any of you planning on purchasing tickets?  Let us know in the comments!!

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