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Coming Soon – RiME

by on March 9, 2017

Well it looks like the publishers of the up and coming Dreadnought have done it again. Grey Box and SixFoot will be working with developers Tequila Works and Tantalus Media to bring their latest adventure puzzle game to life.

RiME is a single-player puzzle adventure game about discovery, experienced through the eyes of a young boy who awakens on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off its coast. Players must navigate the island’s secrets by making use of light, sound, perspective and even time. Inspired by the rugged, sunbaked terrain of the Mediterranean coast, RiME paints its breathtaking world with a fusion of vibrant colors and moving musical undertones to set the stage for the deeply personal journey that awaits within.

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RiME is currently making its away around to shows, recently finished up at PAX South with great success and has now moved its way onto PAX East where it is currently on display for you to play starting tomorrow through March 12th.

RiME will be available on May 26th, 2017 on PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and Windows PC. Later this summer, RiME will also be available on the most recently released Nintendo Switch console. RiME will have a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information leading up to release, visit, and follow the title on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Take a moment to check out the reveal trailer for RiME that was released back in January. With a beautifully illustrated world and great soundtrack, RiME looks to be a solid game for a decent price. We cannot wait to hear more about as well as bring you more of the latest as we get closer to the launch date.

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