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Chrono Trigger Composer Yasunori Mitsuda Will Contribute to Sea of Stars!

by on April 7, 2020

Chrono Trigger Composer Yasunori Mitsuda Will Contribute to Sea of Stars!

Holy smokes. As a retro gaming fan, this just makes me giddy. Chrono Trigger is hailed by some as one of the best RPG’s to be created. Now there’s more to a gaming experience than a great story or mind-blowing graphics. The music can pull you into a moment and bring forth emotion that visually you may not be able to accomplish. With the addition of Yasunori, and Sea of Stars already almost at a 500% funded on Kickstarter. Damn, we could be in for a treat when Sea of Stars officially launches!

Sea of Stars developer Sabotage announced today that legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda will contribute music to the upcoming turn-based RPG. Mitsuda, best known for his work on massively popular games like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears and Shadow Hearts, will develop original music for the game, joining Sea of Stars’ composer Eric W. Brown (The Messenger.)

“Without knowing exactly why ‘I want to write music for this game’ was the feeling I had while seeing it convey the nostalgic golden age of the 90s,” said Mitsuda. “Although there are still many games being released with this classic style, I don’t think players are satisfied with just nostalgia. As seen in their previous game, by adding new systems and ideas to classic formulas, Sabotage Studio breathes fresh, new air into their work.

He continued, “Impressed by the respect they show for past games while at the same time giving players new ways to have fun, I found myself wanting to make a game with everyone at Sabotage Studio. Please look forward to an exciting adventure.”

Creative Director and Sabotage CEO Thierry Boulanger said, “Mitsuda’s music has carried me for years, I still listen to his work every week while working at the studio. He has been such an inspiration for so many of us, we couldn’t be more honored that some of his music will be added to our game. It’s exactly what Sea of Stars needed to feel truly whole.”

Telling the story of the Children of the Solstice, Sea of Stars focuses on engaging combat and unrestrained exploration, featuring freedom of movement seldom seen in the genre. Sea of Stars’ compelling world unites players with Valere and Zale, youths fated to become Solstice Warriors. Combining their Sun and Moon powers to perform Eclipse Magic, they are pledged to fight the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer. Sabotage’s knack for twisting narratives makes for an engrossing, wondrous tale surrounding a world’s looming apocalyptic threat.

Responding to feedback and demand from the Sea of Stars backer community, Sabotage also recently revealed that the title would be getting an early backer-exclusive physical edition via a partnership with Limited Run Games which is set to include unique art from artist Bryce Kho (Aegis Defenders) for $90 CAD (~$63 USD.) Sea of Stars was funded in less than seven hours upon its announcement last month and is currently tracking at almost 500% of its initial goal.

Sea of Stars’ combat challenges players to coordinate adaptive strategies while thwarting opponents with pre-emptive attacks, rewarding carefully timed strikes and interrupted advances. With six playable party members distinct in fighting style and personality, experimentation is key to discovering devastatingly powerful new match-ups. There’s no need to grind to unlock a character’s true potential, either, as character progression is balanced to flow along with the story. Sea of Stars’ journey prioritizes meaningful encounters over enduring dozens of the same fights.

Key Features

      Dynamic Combat: With every encounter harboring threats deadly to the careless tactician, victory demands sharp timing, anticipation, and pre-emptive counters to ultra-powerful attacks.

      Engaging Exploration: Climb, dive, swim and leap across a lush world brimming with life and hidden secrets, enjoying the journey between battles as much as the action itself.

      Gripping Story: Become acquainted with six playable characters with rich backstories, personalities, and varied motives as the mysteries of a troubled world come to light.

      All Fun, No Tedium: Enjoy combat without fear of hitting a wall and having to grind for experience or items; in Sea of Stars, defeat requires a change in battle plans, not hours of repetition to better the odds in a rematch.

      Rich Universe: A sprawling, lively land, Sea of Stars’ hosting region can be enjoyed as a standalone story or a supplemental adventure for fans of The Messenger.

      Radiant Lighting: Dynamic light effects pairs with a world-influencing day/night cycle to make every area feel truly alive, pushing the traditional visual limits of classically-styled 2D pixel-art games; the only way to properly tell the story of heroes conjuring the powers of the Sun and the Moon.

Fans interested in backing the Kickstarter can head directly to and get involved for as little as $1.

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