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Call of Duty WWII – BETA Reaction

by on August 28, 2017

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a few BETA keys for Call of Duty WWII, and gave some away! (Congrats to the winners!!). But how was the upcoming Call of Duty title? It was pretty damn good. I was terrible, but the game was good.

Normally first person shooters, controllers, and I don’t mix. That still rang true in this latest installment, but that didn’t ruin my experience. I’ve never been a huge COD fan, especially on consoles mainly because of the controller incompetency of my skills, I would usually get it because all of my friends would be playing it. But this Call of Duty felt different. I’m not sure why, but maybe it was because I haven’t played a Call of Duty title in a couple of years. But lets get to the game. It starts off with you choosing a division. These range from infantry, heavy weapons, close-combat, etc. Once you choose one you’re stuck with it for a bit until you level your account up and get unlock tokens. These tokens are used for other things as well. Perks, weapons, etc. Other weapons and such get unlocked/upgraded just from playing and using those weapons in battle. That allows for some good replay-ability if you want to unlock everything possible for your account.

The maps were fairly balanced and never felt like any side had an advantage, unless you took and held a capture point. The normal modes COD fans know and love are there, such as Deathmatch and Hardpoint, but the new mode, War, needs to be looked into as a serious team based mode. It’s Axis vs Allied on a map and you have to either defend or advance on certain checkpoints across the map. If the checkpoint gets captured or completed, the map will open further and push the troops back to defend the next objective. This has a strong ‘Battlefield’ feel where you advanced or ended the map early if you could either complete the objective or failed to do so. Many times during the BETA…I failed to do so. It was still good fun and was different each objective. For example you needed to capture a house. Then build a bridge, then plant a bomb, etc… But it’s not easy building a bridge…out in the open…with snipers and everyone else throwing grenades at you. That’s where the team work comes in, solo work does not do anything in this mode.  I can’t see a lot of the die hard COD players get excited for this mode, but some new fans or converted Battlefield fans will sure enjoy it.

I loved the new lobby system. It had everyone sitting around or standing like an old WWII photo. It just looked epic, everyone’s character was there and looked differently depending on their division chosen. The scorestreaks are also back, I never got to try one but I’m sure the people destroying me had a blast activating all of them and continue to destroy me. Everything was fluid and had no issues navigating through out the different screens and also never got dropped from a game or ran into any issues. That was very reassuring. I really don’t have anything negative to report on this BETA…besides my skill. Weekend 2 of the BETA starts this weekend and they look to be adding a few more things to test out!

Anyone else get their hands on the BETA? Let us know what you thought of it!

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