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Bungie Announces Details of “Seasons” for Destiny 2

by on October 20, 2017

The seasons of Destiny 2 will change content for new experiences as vibrant as the fall foliage. Bungie did release updates about a new event called the Dawning, which they gave background on what the significance of the Dawning was but not how it would be celebrated, along with snowball fights and ice hockey at the tower. However, most of the details that they released in their Twitch-Con Panel were in regards to upcoming cosmetic changes to customize your guardians to further the concept of making them truly represent the personalities of the players.

New gear was announced, but only some was shown.  Bungie stated that they will be saving some things to be revealed as a surprise when season 2 is already underway, but they will also be leaking features here and there over the next month with a stream from Paris Games Week along with three streams in November.  The gear that was shown drew some oohs and ahhs from the crowd in relation to the next round of faction rally rewards.  An example seen below is a sleek new armor set for Dead Orbit that surely will only bolster their popularity for the next rally:


 There were also announcements of new ships, ghosts and sparrows that completely redefine those items!  I was very impressed by how drastic some of the redesigning of these items went! Starting with a few ghosts:

Examples of a ship and sparrow:


Bungie then went into some of the harder hitting details of the panel about addressing concerns of their player base.  When new gear comes out for Season 2, players will be able to purchase Iron Banner items and others using their shards! Finally, something to do with the 500+ that I have stashed for a rainy day!  Bright engram loot is going to change from season to season too, better get that ramen emote before it’s too late!

They are also changing the game on how you can dress up weapons and your gear by having ornaments be achievements that you can pull off while you have items equipped. For example, they mentioned that you could be wearing an Iron Banner chest piece that could be upgraded through winning 10 iron banner matches or something like that.

Rewards for playing through public events and other parts of Destiny 2 with your clan mates! You will now be encouraged to play with your clan members by earning 2x experience points when you take care of these aspects of the game with them in your fire team.  Another not as popular decision, judging by reactions on the Twitch stream that I was watching, along with the live crowd, was that seasons will reset your clan level back to 0 as a part of encouraging players to come back to the game to fight back to level six, earn new perks that are related to the content that season 2 has to offer and even earn a new distinctive staff for each season that your clan makes it to the level 6 threshold. I actually am going against the grain on this and really like this change, along with many of the others.  One of the gripes that I’ve been having with Destiny 2 lately is that I’ve hit a wall and there isn’t much for me to do anymore on a weekly basis.  Knowing that the game is going to be steadily evolving like this keeps me interested. Bungie better hope that others agree with me.  Recent statistics show that the player base has dropped by 78% since the game was released only six weeks ago.  That’s a staggering number for a live game that is providing constant content to its players. If it’s falling flat, like earning an emblem for grinding 20 hours of Iron Banner then players will continue to lose interest.

The last thing that they announced was a “sandbox” where they assured everyone that they are Skynet and know what guns you’re using everywhere, subclasses we’re playing as, which missions we’re doing etc.  That being said, they were mentioning this to let us know that they are going to be transparent with how they will be balancing things going forward, good luck auto rifles.

Overall, I really like the direction that Bungie is taking with the seasons approach to Destiny 2.  The changes that they’re making are addressing many player concerns without making wholesale changes to the things that give the game its identity. I look forward to stockpiling weapons, shards and other items in preparation for what’s to come, oh, speaking of, including one the best ways to end an article possibly ever…


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