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Breach Preview (PC)

by on February 1, 2019

It seems like there are thousands of early access games on Steam.  The benefits of early access are numerous, especially if you are looking to build a community and add longevity to your game.  Breach, which recently launched in early access, is one of those titles that are looking to build something great.  And boy, do they have something special on their hands!

70,000 years ago, humanity was practically extinct.  A group of Immortals created the Veil, which split the Earth into two realities: one reality that features the Earth we know, and an alternate Earth where mythological creatures live.  In Breach, the Veil has been broken and the two planes of existence are collapsing into each other.  Special heroes who have “The Spark” are the Earth’s only hope.  Breach lets you play as one of these heroes with magical abilities.  You will travel the world, fighting a multitude of mythological creatures and the Veil Demon.

When I first played the game, I was blown away by the attention to mythological detail.  The team at QC Games did their homework in designing creatures specific to the locations of the game.  It probably would have been easier to design common enemies for all locations.  But in this case, you will have Egyptian mythological beasts in Egypt, Russian mythological enemies in Russia, and so on.  It makes the locations unique, which is important to an early access game.

But what do you do in Breach?  Well, Breach is a third person action RPG/dungeon crawler.  You and three of your friends will run through different objectives in a given location.  Each level will have specific objectives.  Some are easy, like kill as many creatures as you can.  Others are a little more challenging, like escorting payloads.  In the end, you will fight a nasty boss demon and collect loot.  The concept is similar to other dungeon crawlers.  However, the classes set Breach apart.

At the start, Breach has classes for you to choose from.  Each class has pros and cons at the start.  But it doesn’t always end this way.  You see, Breach has horizontal progression, which means you will never have to stick to one specific class.  As you progress, you will customize your character abilities and gear in almost endless ways.  You may start with a Mana Warrior, but end up adding Elementalist abilities, or Demon Hunter abilities.  You can create a character that fits your play style and can take on anything the Veil Demon throws at you.

These customizations typically happen after each match.  But during the match, you can upgrade your character with every round that you win.  These boosts can help you tremendously as you fight more and more demons.  You are given a choice of three per round win, and I strongly suggest you take the one that the game recommends. It usually helps you immediately.  To sum it up, Breach is a customization dream.  You can literally build and create the perfect hero, from abilities to clothing design.

For those of you with wicked tendencies, there is the option to control the dreaded Veil Demon.  Think of this mode as a 4 on 1 battle.  As the Veil Demon, you can take control of spawned enemies and lay traps for the helpless heroes.  In my time with the game, I found the jump in and out of the enemies to be smooth and quick.  You can take control in less than a second and lay waste to the heroes.  This mode is a blast to play, especially when you get the chance to customize which types of enemies will appear in the match.  Again, if you love customization, then Breach is your game.

Now we all know that early access means the game is not 100% complete.  Often times, you will see bugs and technical mishaps in the game.  For example, I had troubles early on with framerate during a match.  In fact, most of the footage that I recorded for this preview was unusable because of the dropped frames.  But the team is hard at work every week patching and updating the game.  In fact, the Breach discord is one of the most active discords I have ever been a part of.  Fans and devs are constantly posting feedback and discussing upcoming fixes.  I have no doubt in my mind that the team at QC Games will work on Breach for a long time.

I know there are many early access games looking for your feedback and support.  But I strongly recommend that you gather your crew, pick your heroes (I love me some Gunslinger!), and tackle the mythological horde in Breach.  The gameplay is accessible, fun to play with friends and a dream for those who want to customize the perfect hero.  QC Games has something special on their hands and I can’t wait to see how the game progresses with feedback from players.

Breach is available on Steam right now.  Visit the Steam store here and check out Breach website here.  And if you want more information or help with the game, I highly recommend you check out their Discord.

If you have played, or like what you read about Breach, let us know in the comments!

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