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Blightbound First Impressions

by on November 5, 2020

Game Octane was given a copy of this game for use in this review. All content contained within the article are the sole thoughts and opinion of the author and has not been influenced or doctored in any way.

Blightbound, developed by Ronimo Games, is an early access game on steam that showcases elements from puzzle platformers, beat em ups, and RPGs. Now I want to be perfectly clear that this game was not fun for us at Game Octane to play but we sat down and survived the two hour gauntlet we deemed was enough to get a first impression. Quite frankly, I want nothing more than to erase my time with this game from my memory and my steam account. I really wanted to like this game but it is not user friendly or even fun in it’s current state. I know this is an early access game so I’m sure things will get better but that’s all the more reason to purge this experience from my mind so I can come back for the review fresh eyed and hopeful once more.

The only way you are going to have fun with Blightbound is if you are a support character and well… Good luck getting one because you need to get your renown up to level 6 in order to actually select what character you are. Why they force it as random until you beat a bunch of areas is beyond me. If you do happen to win the character lottery however, you still need to pray everyone else lives long enough to get you past the stage. All other characters are generic button mash fests while checking your health fare. Just boring. The added puzzles were a nice addition to a online brawler like this but the terrible difficulty scaling of this game, combined with said puzzles, makes for a poor time. this needs to be refined but it has promise.

Oh did i mention difficulty? Even easy mode is disgustingly hard once a mid boss or worse shows up. Our group died often enough that we only won 3 out of our 7 outings. One enemy that comes to mind was one that shot flaming skulls at us. If it happened to touched you there were no iframes; only death in a mere second. It was frustrating and it took the wind from our sails expediently.

While writing this article; Blightbound introduced bots. Most steam reviews are down voting the game because nobody is around to play and you must play as a group.The ai is stupid OP though. If you think the game was hard, especially as an assassin as they will get to low health far too quickly for you to notice they got or the max of three healing spells at a time you get as a healer, solo play just becomes a chore of tedium as you run around letting the one man army do all the work before you get a chance to understand what is even happening around you. This was supposed to be the saving grace of my first impressions but instead it just increased the boredom and lack of drive to play.

Most everything else was perfectly fine. Buying expansions for your hub world? fine. Voice acting? fine, Character designs? fine; though they look out of place with how beautiful the background art is. You have levels, different classes to unlock and use… All in all it’s a serviceable, if not boring, game at the moment. Here’s to hoping they improve the game in time cause it only took 30 minutes for me and the GO crew to want to delete and pretend this never happened.

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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