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Blazing Chrome is out July 11th, Drops Bad-Ass Trailer

by on July 10, 2019

Blazing Chrome is out July 11th, Drops Bad-Ass Trailer

Holy crap this game is finally here! This launch trailer should hit all of the nostalgia points you need to snag Blazing Chrome for $16.99. Check the trailer below!

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Joymasher launch the fight for the world’s survival tomorrow in Blazing Chrome, a co-op run-and-gunner that hearkens to the golden age of sidescrolling shootouts. This classically-informed tribute to the arcade era’s finest quarter-munchers is available July 11 for $16.99 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Arcade Crew has released a fittingly retro gameplay trailer celebrating humanity’s uprising to properly introduce the resistance’s two leading warriors; Marva, a resilient soldier who’s here to chew bubblegum while kicking ass, and Doyle, a robot who’s had a deadly change of heart.

With a varied arsenal of distinctive weapons, badass pilotable mechs, and vehicles, and unlockable characters to help curb the AI army’s ruthless oppression, Blazing Chrome plays the way you remember classic action games feeling. Joymasher’s modern refinements to that satisfying shoot-em-up playstyle will make scrapping hordes of mechanized foes and skyscraper-sized bosses feel as comfortable as getting back on that hoverbike you haven’t ridden in years.

To fully prepare for humanity’s near extinction, read up on Blazing Chrome by visiting and following them on Twitter ( or Facebook (

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