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Beam is now Mixer!

by on May 25, 2017

Today, Microsoft announced that the streaming service they acquired, Beam, will now be known as Mixer!


Mixer on Xbox One UI

According to a blog post from co-founder Matt Salsamendi, the team decided to rename Beam because it didn’t reflect one of the best aspects of their service – the opportunity to socialize with other people.  Their core service is still the same.  Gamers will have the ability to interact with streamers and control how specific games are played during a stream. The lag will continue to be minimal, allowing streamers to interact without 10-20 second delays.

Besides the name change, Mixer announced some brand new features that are being added to the service.  First, Mixer announced Co-streaming.  According to the blog post, Co-streaming enables multiple channel streams to be displayed on a single Mixer page. You and up to three other friends can deliver a stream that combines separate stream sources into one shared “split-screen” view, including a centralized chat experience. Co-streaming is available now for everyone. And in the coming weeks, Xbox One users will be able to invite friends to join a co-stream directly from the Guide. Co-streaming doesn’t require streamers to play the same game or even do the same activity, and you can join a co-stream with friends who are streaming from different types of devices.  Co-streaming launches today on Mixer.

UI of Beam Costreaming

Next, Mixer will launch a beta for Mixer Create, which allows you to broadcast from your mobile app.  Imagine having the ability to stream your mobile games on the go directly from your phone!  When the app is out of beta, you will have the opportunity to co-stream from your phone.

Mixer will launch a new channel called Channel One.  It’s meant to be a feature channel for gamers to get news and updates on big title releases, livestream events, tips and tricks, esports updates, and more.  Basically, it is a place to get news and info.  There will also be a Mixer page on the Xbox One dashboard that will feature streamers and let you see popular streams that are going on.

It was also announced that Xbox will be broadcasting the E3 briefing in 4K Ultra HD, with a special edition Mixer 4K broadcast for those with a 4K A/V setup ready to go.  There will be some special digital bonuses for those watching and signed in on Mixer.

There is a lot to like about this announcement, even if the name is a little lackluster.  Co-streaming has some serious potential, and I can’t wait to try it with the GameOctane crew.

Graphic of Mixer Broadcast Schedule

In celebration of today’s announcement, there will be broadcast events happening all day today starting at 11am PST.  The event will be broadcast from their brand new studio at the Microsoft Store in NYC.  This studio will be the future home to many live audience gaming broadcasts, competitions, and events.  Check out the schedule below and tune in to to check out today’s celebration.

Photo of Mixer Studio in NYC

Are you excited about the updates and name change?  Let us know in the comments below!

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