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Battleheart 2 Review (iOS)

by on July 16, 2018
Release Date

July 12, 2018


Mika Mobile


Battleheart 2 is at its heart a solid RPG style battle game. You grab a team of four adventurers from about a dozen available unlocked right out of the gate, then bring them into bite-sized battles where you fend off a few waves of enemies. Managing the chaos of the battlefield and your characters abilities makes the game feel satisfyingly frantic. The controls in these battles are probably the most unique and polished part of the game.

You control all four of your adventurers at the same time. Holding and dragging on them will allow you to either move them to a new spot, start auto-attacking enemies, or target allies with heals or buffs. The control system is incredibly simple and intuitive although one issue that can arise is when multiple characters and enemies pile up in the same spot on the screen. Since the game is 2D and enemies and heroes will all move to chase targets they’ve been assigned this can actually happen quite often. It can lead to many frustrating deaths as you struggle to pull back with damaged characters and keep healing other characters because it’s hard to make out who is who in the jumble. A way to select individual party members apart from tapping on their actual character could have gone a long way to help with this issue.

Clustered battlefield

Good luck trying to target the blue sprite hidden behind the ogre that keeps healing the ogres as you try to attack them.

Your characters in Battleheart 2 also have abilities you can use when you select the character by tapping on them. Each character starts with a single skill unlocked and can unlock two more as you play. Characters also have a large selection of secondary passive skills to further modify how they play. It means there is a lot of characters to progress in a lot of ways. The only downside is it feels like it has been far more rewarding to find characters who work and just putting all resources into them. I personally found a cleric, samurai, knight, and war priest have always worked no matter the battle, so I haven’t changed from them since. There isn’t much incentive so far to change who I’m using as there isn’t elemental differences or anything that has made me have to rethink my tactic.

With little challenge making me change my character lineup it also has caused every battle to feel repetitive. Even boss battles just have me surrounding the enemy with my characters. I cast Battlecry with my knight to draw all enemies to him, then my cleric focus heals him while the war priest’s passive ability also heals the knight every time the priest hits an enemy. It’s a strategy that has worked so well I was able to take on the level 12 boss when I was character level 8. The problem that I’m running into with Battleheart 2, is that these abilities, characters, and battles have been done before. The formula hasn’t changed at all since Battleheart.

Character talent tree

There are a vast amount of unlockables skills and passive skills to keep you progressing for some time.

I was hoping after Battleheart Legacy, and a few years on this project they would bring something new to the formula. Maybe elemental bonuses, maybe enemies that specifically counteract certain characters, maybe an actual story, maybe even some new modes or challenges. The skills system has been mixed up a bit, but not really in a way that feels wholly unique or new. They have also added in multiplayer, but it’s not well explained and only works locally. So don’t expect any online co-op. Overall I just feel like I’m playing the same game I have before, and for the price tag, I find that a bit disappointing.

The map screen lets you choose your mission bonus, but all fights start to feel the same.

Battleheart 2 was a game I was really hoping to love. I enjoy it. It’s a solid game with absolutely no timers or grinds that free-to-play RPGs suffer from. Unfortunately what Mika Mobile has brought to the table seems to be mostly a nicer art style and some polish. The RPG elements here are solid, the battle system is just as good as it has been in the past, but after several hours and multiple bosses, the game is starting to become repetitive and samey. If you haven’t played the original, and want a good RPG battle game, I would pick this up, since it feels like a polished version of that. If you’re looking for a more unique and different game from the first, I don’t think this is it.


Solid touch controls
Engaging combat
Plenty of progression


A prettier looking Battleheart.

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Bottom Line

A solid RPG strategy battle game that has had a graphical overhaul, but doesn't change up much of the formula.

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