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Review – Batman: Arkham VR

by on October 17, 2016
Release Date

October 13th, 2016


Rocksteady Games


The first week of the official PlayStation VR (PSVR) has come and gone. One of the titles that we were able to get our hands on was Batman: Arkham VR. I have to say that so far, this is most likely one of the best titles currently out for the PSVR. The overall experience is extremely immersive with simple and easy to use controls, and the graphics are not cheap looking or dialed down in order to support the VR technology. In regards to the graphics, they are what you would imagine a true VR experience to be.

Starting off the game, you are placed into the unfortunate circumstances of watching your parents shot and killed right in front of you. One thing I would like to mention that the developers took note of was that even though myself being 6 feet tall, in that scene Bruce Wayne is just a kid. What they did with that was to make sure that you feel like a child by making the Parent models bigger, and with the combination of the VR Experience really made me feel like a little kid.

Fast forwarding a bit, with a slight key stroke of the piano in Wayne Manor you are dropped through an elevator shaft that has amazing depth perception with the VR technology and slowly lowered into the bat cave. From there you can suit up into your favorite super hero’s disguise and grab all your weapons of the trade. One really great thing they did with this feature is that you actually have a functioning utility belt. Whatever item you would like to use, you have to look down at your waist and via the PS Move Sticks you can grab whatever tool or weapon you need to use. The other bonus is that you don’t have to be a dead shot with the batarangs because for the most part they have a auto tracking feature.

As you progress through the storytelling, they keep controls similar throughout which makes it easy to remember how to do things so that you can really enjoy the VR experience. While you enjoy the fun and games of things, there are also some well thought out puzzles along the way while trying to escape from one of the Joker’s traps. After you play through the story-line itself, there are various Riddler puzzles to go back and unlock for bonus achievements. Overall, this game is a steal for only $20.00 and I would recommend this game to anyone to go out and play. Any fan of batman will not regret, and if you are not a fan then this is still one hell of VR Experience to enjoy.


Graphics Are Extremely Polished
Fun Use Of The Utility Belt In VR
Solid Price Point
Very Immersive Experience For VR


If you are lacking the space to be able to fully experience the VR, it can be a bit laggy.

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Bottom Line

Overall, for any batman fan this game is a steal for $20. This is a must pick up for the PSVR platform. The one tip that I would suggest is to make sure you have a bit of room to play in as it will aid in your overall experience. The graphics are solid, and 3D Audio pushed through the headset sounds amazing. For anyone that has the PSVR, this is one purchase that you will not regret.

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