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Atlas Preview – PC

by on March 8, 2019

Atlas Preview – PC

Atlas, since being released, has been torn up and praised at the same time. It’s a little confusing when doing research on this game on what to actually expect. I can imagine the same goes for gamers looking to see if they wanted to purchase it. Is it good? Is it bad? Hell, I’m not 100% sure on how I feel about it, but I am going to go over some experiences I’ve had with the game. Hopefully, this will help to figure out if Atlas could be a game for you.

Upon the first start, I was able to create my character and get dumped onto a starter island. Not being familiar with ARK, I wasn’t too sure what to expect or even what the hell to do. I ran around a bit, looked around at the scenery, which wasn’t too bad. But it wasn’t too great either. Some items such as trees and plants fit the scenery really well, but others seemed out of place, it was hard to explain but some of the flora really stood out and didn’t fit in. So what was next? Punching trees.

Yup, taking a book from Minecraft and started punching trees to gather wood. I found the crafting area in the inventory and figured this partially naked dude needed some clothes. You could just about craft most of the basic items right there on the starter island. Eventually, I got hungry, thirsty, and really hot. I ate some of the berries I gathered, was able to drink some water, and there was a pool of water I dipped in to cool down. I started on building tools to be able to build my little boat and get the hell off this island. But then, the adventure took off.

I luckily had some friends that were already playing Atlas for a while, and they offered to pick me up. Basically, I accelerated hours into the game. I got picked up on a massive ship and away we went! We had a blast, three of us ran the ship. Well, I mostly just tried repairing everything, I didn’t want to get into anyone’s way. It was so much better with other people. We looted some wrecks along our way to their home base. Upon arriving I was in shock. This was all player build. There were major ships for getting the dirty job done, some smaller for speed, all impressive. Then there were the buildings. They had designated buildings for crafting and such, they had their homes. I loved it. We roamed around a little more. I attempted to start building my only little house by gathering materials. Time flew by and I needed to log off.

After some time I needed to get back into the game. That’s when everything went wrong.

Maybe it’s because a few updates went through or maybe I didn’t sleep to “save” my location, but I ended up back on the starter island. Buck-naked again. So I went back to work. I hit some weird lag now and then, but eventually, I got my little raft to get off the island. Opened the sails to full, and drove it right into land across from the starting dock. It was stuck, no moving it. No matter how I moved the sail, or even tried to push it, it wasn’t going anywhere. I eventually gave up and swam back to shore. I wasn’t able to jump back onto the dock for some reason, so I decided to climb onto a boat, and clipped right into it. Stuck for a good 10-15 minutes and I never got out of it. Even logging out and logging back in. Nothing. I was forever clipped into this little raft at the starter island.

So tracing back to the beginning of this article, I’m not sure what to think. I had a blast with people. Wasn’t so fun for me playing alone. Then smacked into a game breaking (at the moment) bug. Fans of ARK may enjoy the break and get lost sailing the seas. Or they could also be pissed that in theory Atlas was supposed to be an expansion to ARK and that because everyone bought season passes they decided to release this as a stand alone to make money. I don’t have any proof of that but that is what people seem to be saying. What I can say is that the game is still in early access and is still being worked on and though it has some lows, it also has its highs.

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