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Announcement Trailer for Deadstick: Bush Flight Simulator

by on May 9, 2018

Today, the Irregular Corporation announced a brand new flight simulator!  Deadstick: Bush Flight Simulator aims at replicating the risk and reward of flying a light aircraft.  Check out the launch trailer –

In Deadstick, you will explore in first-person outside your aircraft to load cargo, upgrade and maintain your plane, before jumping into the cockpit to perform pre-flight checks.  Once prepared, head into the skies and fight your flight-stick above a rugged fictional landscape heavily inspired by Alaska and Idaho.  According to the press release, every dial and button in your study-level cockpit is simulated, and every maneuver is significant, thanks to a painstakingly accurate, physical, and unforgiving flight model.  Head into Deadstick’s fully-featured Sandbox Bush Pilot career mode and customize, maintain, and upgrade your craft as you perform bigger, more dangerous jobs.

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Stuart Morton, a producer at The Irregular Corporation, said the following – “After seeing first-person the excitement around Deadstick at FlightSim 2017 we knew that REMEX Software had something special and were determined to support them in any way possible.  The fidelity Deadstick is being developed at is incredible, and I think all flight simulator fans should be looking forward to what Deadstick is going to bring to the genre.”

Dead stick arrives on Steam sometime in 2018.  Are you planning on taking to the skies in Deadstick?  Let us know in the comments!

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