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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is here!

by on November 21, 2017

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is out now!

You can download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp from the IOS or Android store today. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was announced last month during a special Nintendo Direct. The game has you take the role of a campsite manager. But it’s not all work! You’ll make friends with animals, and customize your campsite with furniture and other decorations. Check out more about the game here, but if you’re familiar with any Animal Crossing game you most likely understand what’s in store.

The World of Animal Crossing

There’s more to the game world than just your campsite though! To get the materials to craft a new couch or tent players will have to trade with the Animals that inhabit the world and campsite. Players will explore forests, beaches, quarries, islands, and rivers. Each zone has specific amenities like fish or bugs. Then players will trade for the crafting materials which raise the friendship level with the animal traded with. It’s all here in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, classic Animal Crossing fare like shaking trees and fishing. But it’s not just all a rehash of old mechanics. Players have the option to cast nets (which I believe cost Leaf tickets, reach real money currency) or set traps for bugs. This, in turn, catches a bigger amount and rarer fish or bugs.

Don’t worry though, as players will have shops to visit and spend your hard earn bells on. The Able sisters return and will sell you clothing items. Each day brings a new set of items to their shop. The same goes for the Nooklings. They sell TVs or furniture for your campsite. Players can show off their new threads to friends in the game, albeit not in real time. By adding a friend’s ID to a players friend list, it opens the option to check out their campsite.

In-App Purchases

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is free to play and is out now on the IOS and Andriod app store. To celebrate the game’s launch Nintendo has offered a few celebration packs to purchase for real money. Players can also nab 100 leaf tickets by linking their Nintendo Network id with the app. Here are the contents of the celebration packs.

Small Launch Celebration Pack

Price: $3.99 USD


120 Leaf Tickets
x1 Sea Throw Net
x1 River Throw Net
x1 Honey
x1 Fertilizer

Large Launch Celebration Pack

Price: $20.99 USD


680 Leaf Tickets
x1 Sea Throw Net
x1 River Throw Net
x3 Fertilizer
x2 Request Ticket
x1 Calling Card


The small launch celebration pack is priced identically to the regular pack of 100 Leaf Tickets. This nabs players an extra 20 Leaf Tickets for the price, plus the other items being a bonus. This is a great idea for players who were going to purchase a few tickets anyway, as you essentially get a bonus 20 Tickets + the extra items for free. This large launch celebration pack is priced identically to the regular pack of 600 Leaf Tickets. This nets players an extra 80 Leaf Tickets for the price, which are worth about 3 dollars to 4 dollars on their own. Players also get a few more bonus items than the small launch pack. In particular, it includes two Request Tickets and a Calling Card which are fairly useful.

Let us know if you’ll be spending any time in the world of Animal Crossing, we’d love to add you to our friend’s list! Leave a comment with your friend ID below!

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