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Assetto Corsa – Review

by on September 18, 2016
Release Date

Microsoft Windows Early Access: WW : 8 November 2013 Full release: WW : 19 December 2014 PS4, Xbox One EU: 26 August 2016 NA: 30 August 2016


Kunos Simulazioni (PC)
505 Games (XONE, PS4)


Assetto Corsa brings into light what most likely real race enthusiasts may expect out of a racer. There is not much of a fancy soundtrack to rock out to while you are racing, actually there is only a soundtrack/music while in the menu system. On the PS4 version there is not a huge amount of cars to pick from unless you want to pay for the season pass for $29.99.

In getting a chance to spend some time with the game, i enjoyed it. The one trade off to lack of music while racing, are the sound effects. The engine noise, shifts, turbos, and exhaust is fairly on point. From the downshifts to making the exhaust pop and crackle around turns to hearing your turbo spool up, AC really put the work in on making sure that was accurate.

In regards to the graphics, I feel they could be better. However the trade off with that is that they are still decent and enjoyable as well as all the tracks themselves have been laser scanned into the game. This basically means that turn for turn, these tracks are direct replicas of the the real locations.

To anyone out there considering this game, I would highly recommend your favorite steering wheel/pedals set to go with the game. While the controls from a handheld controller are OK, this game was really designed in mind with the compliment of a proper steering wheel setup. The game itself even at $50 retail for PS4, I feel should have been more towards the $40 price tag given that you will need to spend an additional $30 if you want the future releases and add ons (IE: Tracks, Cars, Etc…).

For now, Assetto Corsa is a great gap filler while we wait for Gran Turismo’s now unknown release sometime next year. If you are more into the arcade style racing that the Need For Speed series brings us, then AC is not the game for you. If you are craving something different then Gran Turismo, but are now stuck waiting for the new release then AC may be worth the pickup.

For more information and to checkout a quick session I ran with the BMW (Spoiler Alert: I am not that good) on Assetto Corsa, please see below for more detail!

Assetto Corsa Home Page: Click Here

Available NOW On PS4 and Steam




Sound Effects / Engine Noises
Laser Scanned Tracks For Realism


No In Game Music While Racing
Smaller Selection Of Cars
Controls a bit sticky on controller (Meant better for full racing wheel setup).

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Bottom Line

Fun game for the die hard racing enthusiasts. Not so much fun if you're style is more along the lines of Need For Speed. Either way, all around solid racing game that may need some work down the road, but for now is doing OK.

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  • Curt Callaway
    September 20, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Noel, it seems like the review for this game was from the perspective of someone who can’t wait for the new Gran Turismo….. How expansive is the sim as far as car adjustments and tuning? Does it do this well? How many cars are included? Any cool ones? What tracks do we race at? I don’t need a laser version of Roseville’s All American Speedway…..


    • September 20, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      Hey Curt,

      The games itself I feel can hold its own.. I was saying that those who are fans of fans of Gran Turismo will enjoy the game while they are waiting for Gran Turismo since it was delayed until an unknown time of next year. In regards to track selection, the developer is based in Italy so majority of tracks are overseas, but still well known tracks. Unfortunately for us in the states, this does not include famous tracks such as Laguna Seca. The adjustments are very detailed from engine performance change all the way down to the PSI settings on your tires.

      It is a bit of a bummer that to add 30 more cars and tracks you will have to shell out another $30, which makes the game on console a total investment of around $80 plus tax. Majority of the cars in the game as is are the likes of BMW, Nissan GTR’s, Ferrari, and other high end performance cars. Some domestic are included, but only the super popular ones. The PC World of AC opens a ton of options through the route of routing.


      • Curt Callaway
        September 20, 2016 at 3:23 pm

        Fair enough. Sounds like a pretty great game. It is unfortunate that the day a the game drops there’s another $30 worth of DLC.


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