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Abzu- My night exploring the depths.

by on August 2, 2016
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Giant Squid



For a person who is absolutely scared of what lies below, the idea of a game that fully immerses you in to the world of the ocean is frightening. I have what one would call the S fear. Sharks, Spiders, and Snakes.

ABZÛ takes place in the deep blue world of the ocean. The idea of the game is you are a diver who is exploring the different phases of the ocean while encountering different forms of ocean life. Early in the game you feel serene, you have fish all over the place, and you find a couple of lights that illuminate your path.

In the second phase you start to see deep dark blue recesses that you can chose to explore if you feel brave enough, or if you are gonna be a little girl about it, you can skip them.

As you are nearing the end of the second zone there is a nerve racking moment. One of your lights shoots ahead of you and gets demolished by a giant shark. Jump scare at its finest, you see platforms, you see the deepest darkest blue sea, you feel utterly alone.Unsure of what your next movement should be, you took the plunge to the bottom of the ocean.

While exploring I found myself being anxious, this is a new feeling for me as I am usually very collected and not jumpy. I was excited about finding myself exploring something that if you asked me to do outside of a game, I’d tell you to get lost.

Zone three brings you in to a long hallway with many dark rooms in it. Touching the center platforms illuminates the rooms and shows some beautiful artwork on the wall. The art work gives looks similar to Egyptian wall art, the last few show what looks to be everyone worshiping a great white shark.

As you venture in to zone 4 and 5 there are a bunch of Triangle shaped pieces of work in the water, as you approach them there is a non stop beeping, as you swim through these triangle shaped bombs they explode and shock the diver. They cause to to temporarily lose control of the character before you can advance further.

The game takes you in to a giant mother ship of sorts, you see things being created in the ship. The light you once had that was destroyed by the shark is being crafted by the dozens, the bombs are being spit out in to the ocean. You swim through a mine field and at the end you see a giant mine, the Great White Shark thrusts himself in to the eye of the mine, killing the mine and itself in the process.

This is where the game takes a turn, you see the shark at the bottom of the ocean. Your character swims up to it, the music would indicate that the shark is a friend, your diver seems overwhelmed with sadness as the shark dies.

I’ve already said too much in the way of spoiling the game, ill just let you finish it and decide for yourself!

For a gamer who is only interested in multiplayer aspects, ABZÛ captured my interest as something I was intrigued to find out the next steps. This game aroused my child-like wonder and kept me wanting to find whats next.

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Gorgeous atmosphere
Very fluid gameplay
Soundtrack is amazing and fully immerses you
$15 price tag


Extremely short
Almost zero replay value unless you missed something
Controls sometimes get mixed up

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Bottom Line

This game aroused my child-like wonder and kept me wanting to find whats next.

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