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A Way to Be Dead First Impressions

by on December 26, 2021

Crania Games has decided to enter the multiplayer genre with it’s newest game, A Way to Be Dead. AWBD is in early access and it shows; in fact the game is actually pretty awful. Some of my gripes with the game however seem to be hard baked into what will become the end product.

Basically you just search corpses for limbs and if you get enough limbs it magically becomes a key and you can leave. match player break up is made up of 4 victims who seem to move slowly, 1 killer who can move normally and some AI zombies just cause. You will have a flash light that slows down zombies but the killer can just straight up shoot you while you are unable to run. AWBD also has an ass backwards way to revive yourself with a space bar pressing mini-game to imitate your heart beat; the speed near the end is too fast most of the time though so you just lay there. Lastly there was no controller support just keyboard and mouse. There are two stages currently to lurch your way into frustration as you dig corpses and pray nobody finds you and ruins the entire match.

The lobby fills up fast enough though for a match. There’s that at least. Avoid this clunky, frustrating mess like the plague.


*This game was provided to Game Octane for free. The opinions expressed in the article are of the author alone and was not influenced by a third party

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