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A “Meaty” Update Available Now For SCUM

by on November 2, 2018

A “Meaty” Update Available Now in SCUM

Today, the development team of Gamepires and Croteam, along with publisher Devolver Digital, announced a massive update to the Early Access survival game SCUM.

The Wild Hunter update introduces some brand new features, including a bow and arrow skills, wild game hunts, and more prisoners and puppets to fight.  The update includes tracking and striking wild animals and the ability to craft trophies like heads on a spike.  You can also make clothes out of the animals you kill.  And if you want to relax after a long day of hunting, then you can play new musical instruments like a banjo, guitar, and harmonica.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Self, what is so meaty about this update?”

Well, let me tell you about a new customization option – the penis slider.

Let that sink in…

When customizing your character, you can use attribute points to not only increase your strength and intelligence, but also the size of your…manhood.  And those who have the Supporters Pack will get not 1, but 2 MORE INCHES TO THEIR LENGTH BY DEFAULT!  If sizes don’t matter (cause it’s how you use it, duh), then you can take away length and assign the points elsewhere.   Never has the size of your peen been more important to your survival.

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The update is available now for the meaty price of $17.99 (or $26.58 if you want the Supporters Pack…cause you know…2 extra inches).  For more information, check out the Steam page.

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