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Your watch has started…

by on June 4, 2016

overwatchIts with overwhelming happiness that I announce to the world … Overwatch is here.

Blizzard, yet again, follows through. This fast paced first person shooter is everything I could have hoped for. I could only dream of a game that not only captures my attention, but holds that attention for longer than a nano second.

Where to begin? Blizzard has designed a game with one main goal in mind “Is this game fun”?

Sounds simple right? Is the game actually fun to play? You bet your sweet ass it is. Overwatch has taken the FPS genre and stood it on its head. No longer will you be punished for staying alive and running out of ammo. Blizzard decided? No way, kick that to the curb. UNLIMITED AMMO BABY! No longer will you have to wonder “Do we have 15 of the same class”? The game TELLS YOU if you are out of balance. This game literally tells you that your make up of characters is trash, and it does it BEFORE you get frustratingly face stomped.

When this game was announced it left us wondering, is this just a Team Fortress 2 knockoff? How can this game possibly take something that was mediocre before, and turn it into something that has lasting power, something that gamers can’t WAIT to get off work for. Overwatch is yet another successful Blizzard release. Each character is just different enough to breathe a breath of fresh air into the game play.

Do you want to kill everything in sight? 6 champs made just for you.

Do you want to camp and make sure you team has cover fire? Again 6 champs made just for you.

Do you enjoy taking the brunt of the damage and dealing out some punishment while you are at it? ANOTHER 5 champions for you.

Have you thought, man, I just wish I could keep my friend, who by the way is 250x better than me alive so I can just win. 4 MORE CHAMPIONS.

No matter what your play style may be, this game has a character that it made for you. Overwatch had some lofty goals to stand up to. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, and not to forget World Of Warcraft. Each one of these games had Hordes (see what I did there) of followers. Blizzard has created a life long draw to their games.

Overwatch doesn’t disappoint. Even the most skeptical gamer will find hours of fun. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to run into me during a game, just remember, I’ve got a bullet, with your name on it.


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Bottom Line

This game has brought to me 20+ hours of joy in just under a week. PS4 and PC purchased show to me that I couldn't live without it on either platform. Characters I enjoy on PC I HATE on console, and vice versa, I love Overwatch.

The loves of my life now go
The Bulldog
Girlfriend of 7.5 years.


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  • Money Mike
    June 5, 2016 at 1:55 am

    Ughhhh I wanted to play the beta so much but my graphics card is two years old…apparently thats too old to keep up. overwatch wont let me in until i buy a new card -_-


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