Ryan’s E3 2019 Predictions!

by Ryan Welchon May 24, 2019
It's time once again for Ryan's silly and unrealistic E3 predictions!

New Trailer for Little Friends: Cats and Dogs!

by Ryan Welchon May 15, 2019
Check out the new trailer for the adorable pet game, which launches May 28th.

Nintendo’s E3 2019 Plans Revealed

by Ryan Welchon May 9, 2019
What can we expect from Nintendo at #E32019 ???

Reggie Fils-Aime Set to Retire in April

by Ryan Welchon February 21, 2019
Farewell, sweet prince

Save The Date: Nintendo Direct Streams Tomorrow

by Ryan Welchon February 12, 2019
What can we expect from tomorrow's Direct?

Retro Studios Takes Over Metroid Prime 4 Development

by Ryan Welchon January 25, 2019
What does this mean for the highly anticipated Nintendo title?