Sin Slayers: Review

by Jmachineon October 9, 2019
Come and learn about the first game I reviewed without getting even 2 hours in and I beat "The Quiet Man" so you know that makes this special.

Transport Fever 2 (PC) Announced!

by Jason Germinoon April 24, 2019
150 years of transportation tech, story modes, and modding? This looks to be another hit!

Tech Support: Error Unknown Announced!

by Jason Germinoon September 27, 2018
Ok this looks slick. Keep an eye out early 2019

This is the Police 2…OUT NOW

by Jason Germinoon July 31, 2018
WHOOP WHOOP! That's the sound of the police!

Two Point Hospital Release Date Announced!

by Ryan Welchon July 18, 2018
Two Point Hospital will launch very soon!

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 – Review

by Jason Germinoon March 30, 2018
Time to SPAZ out on this sequel...