Company of Heroes 3 Announced!!

by Jason Germinoon July 13, 2021
Company of Heroes is BACK!!

Review: Trails of Cold Steel IV – Nintendo Switch

by Jason Germinoon June 25, 2021
Review: Trails of Cold Steel IV – Nintendo Switch Credit: steamXO licensed under Public Domain The Legend of Heroes is game developer Falcom’s longest-running series and has been going on for nearly two decades. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is the mainline title of the sage, which was first released for the PS3/PS Vita […]

Engage in Fantasy Turn-based Tactics in King’s Bounty II This August

by Elegantfroston May 5, 2021
King's Bounty II is a tactical, turn-based fantasy adventure in a gigantic world brimming with magic, bloodshed, and moral decisions.

War Mongrels – A Gritty WWII Real-Time Tactics Game

by Jason Germinoon April 27, 2021
War Mongrels brings a different story to the WWII setting and by adding real-time tactics to it just makes this a must on your radar.